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You might say that Miyashita Park had one of the best glow-ups of 2020. What used to be a somewhat neglected area avoided by most Tokyoites is now a proper hub for…

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Rayard Miyashita Park is Our Top Pick for a Tokyo Staycation Destination

By Lisandra Moor

The time has come to explore more of Japan’s local softcream flavors. Where will our journey take us next? Did you know that Nissei was the first company to sell softcream in…

Food & Drink/Travel/TW Collabs

Softcream Adventures: Tasting Ibaraki’s Local Softcream Flavors

By Weekender Editor

Iwate and Fukushima are Tohoku’s two largest prefectures and offer innumerable opportunities for exploring vast natural environments and the crafts that artisans have made from their resources. Both regions have rich historic…

Tohoku/Travel/TW Collabs

Fukushima and Iwate: Historic Treasures and the Great Outdoors

By Lisa Wallin

Who wouldn’t love to get a box packed with delicious treats each month? Since 2015 TokyoTreat has been delivering the latest in Japan-exclusive snacks and sweets, and last February they launched their…

Japanese Culture/TW Collabs

Share the Gift of Authentic Japanese Treats from Sakuraco

By Louise George Kittaka

Fukuoka International School (FIS) began its story in 1972 amidst the rapidly growing international community of Kyushu. Since then, the non-profit school has grown from under 30 students to approximately 300 with…

Schools & Education/TW Collabs

Fukuoka International School: Celebrating 50 years of Inspiring Global Minds

By Alexandra Ziminski

Creative Lounge MOV/KOKUYO This work space allows you to enter an environment of creativity, ideas and knowledge. By gathering people from all walks of life in one gorgeous location, it creates a…

Guides & Insights/TW Collabs

Your September 2021 Guide to Creative Space 8/ in Shibuya Hikarie

By Weekender Editor

Since the beginning of foreign trade in Japan, Nagasaki Prefecture has been an important link between the country and East Asia. When you aren’t learning about history, what is there to do…

Kyushu/Nagasaki/Travel/TW Collabs

Top Must-Try Experiences in Nagasaki Prefecture

By Lisandra Moor

Coinciding with innovations in big data, artificial intelligence and robotics have come major changes in education, namely an increasing emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in secondary education and closing gaps…

Schools & Education/TW Collabs

Laurus International School of Science Signals New Era of Education in Japan

By Taylor Stewart


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