From a bird’s-eye view, “Why,” Kamikatsu’s famed recycling facility and zero waste center, looks like a question mark. The recycling center and related facilities curl into a semi-circle with a tail, while…

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The Race for 100% Zero Waste: Inside Kamikatsu’s Zero Waste Center in Tokushima

By Lisa Wallin

Filmelangé is collaborating with long-standing French shoemaker Paraboot for the second year running. Both brands prize the balance of traditional craftsmanship with the spirit of innovation, so each time they come together…

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Paraboot & Filmelangé: The Perfect Pair

By Lisa Wallin

Believe it or not, we’re only two weeks away from the end of 2020. Sounds sort of nice given all that we’ve been through this year. But while most of us can’t…

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This Season, Get Warm At TRUNK(HOTEL)’s ‘Winter Market’

By Weekender Editor

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Discovering the Best of Tohoku at JAPAN RAIL CAFE TOKYO

By Weekender Editor

With a long reputation for developing Japanese resorts and hotels that make the most of local culture and customs, Hoshino Resorts takes pride that its Tomamu Ski Resort embodies the luxurious Hokkaido…

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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu: Hokkaido’s Winter Enchantment

By Jordan Green

The year 2020 taught us that we can work from anywhere in the world. Thanks to advances in digital technology we can work from the beach, the mountains, and even the ski…

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Pack Your Bags for a Workation Wonderland at Hakuba Valley

By Nick Narigon

The majestic heights of Mount Fuji. Geisha walking the streets of Gion in Kyoto. Cherry blossoms. Only the hanko seal captures all of these iconic images, as well as the essence of…

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Kamakura Hanko is Preserving a Japanese Legacy

By Jordan Green

The variety of softcream flavors — and the myriad colors and shapes — are so vast that every fashionista in Tokyo can pair their softcream flavor with their daily outfit. Perfect for the ‘gram,…


Softcream Fashionistas: How To Wear Your Favorite Flavor

By Zoria Petkoska