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Kansai, a diverse, cultural and historical epicenter of Japan, is one of the world’s most visited and talked about geographical locations. Tourists flock to this area of the country for its temples,…

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Kansai Weekender: Rediscover the Historical Epicenter of Japan

By Weekender Editor

Did you come straight here after watching our other softcream adventures on YouTube? Or are you just finding us for the first time? Either way, welcome to the local softcream flavors exploration mission. This month…

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Softcream Adventures: Tasting Kusatsu’s Local Softcream Flavors

By Weekender Editor

Banking the Mikuma and Kagetsu Rivers in a large basin in western Oita Prefecture and wreathed by verdant mountains on all sides, lies Hita, a historical town steeped in local folklore. The…

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Hita City: A Town Rich in History and Nature

By David McElhinney

Oita is best known for its onsen havens, but the prefecture in Kyushu has quite a few areas worth exploring on the way to and back from the hot springs. One must-visit…

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Tradition, Art and Culture Come Alive in Hita City, Oita

By Lisandra Moor

Itoigawa is located in the westernmost part of Niigata Prefecture, with Nagano to the south and Toyama to the west. Taking the shinkansen, the trip from Tokyo is a comfortable two hours.…

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Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture: Nature, Jade and the Good Life

By Weekender Editor

Stained glass with camellia motifs and pictures of sunlit churches greet visitors at Fukue Airport, on the biggest of the five Goto Islands which are located in Nagasaki Prefecture. I’m immediately given…

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People and Churches of Goto Islands: A Travelogue From a World Heritage Site

By Zoria Petkoska

Boasting lavish workout spaces that are completely private, state-of-the-art training machines and luxurious amenities such as saunas and self-esthetics, Majesty Onarimon Club is a sporting facility that unquestionably lives up to its…

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Train in Luxury: Get Ahead of Your New Year’s Resolutions at Majesty Onarimon Club

By Matthew Hernon

Just like the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, the Dubai 2020 World Expo was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the global pandemic. Now officially underway from October 1, 2021, to…

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Where Ideas Meet: Inside the Japan Pavilion at Dubai World Expo

By Zoria Petkoska


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