Every year, July in Tokyo brings the heat. The warm vibrations from the city seep into our skin, improving our blood flow, getting us eager for firework festivals or a trip to the beach. It’s not just the weather that’s helping us let loose, though — we’re starting the month with chatty Mercury and passionate Venus both entering fiery Leo, allowing us to genuinely enjoy connecting with others. We’re also seeing a Mars and Jupiter conjunction on July 13, so you might feel a spur of boldness mid-month.

Energy isn’t all going outwards this month, though. After all, we’re still waist-deep in sensitive Cancer season, and the new moon in Cancer on July 5 will be a healing moment for us all. We’ve also been experiencing Saturn’s retrograde since the tail end of June, forcing us to get real with ourselves. Be honest: How much progress have you made on your New Year’s resolution, and do you need to recontextualize it based on what you know now, halfway through the year? 

We round out the month with continued balance between external and internal energy. We’ll enter excitable Leo season, encouraging us to pursue happiness unapologetically. However, on July 25, Mercury enters logical Virgo, making us more thoughtful with our word choices, and wounded healer Chiron goes retrograde on the 26th, making us reflect on any wounds we’ve yet to heal from.

Keep reading below for your sign’s monthly horoscope, and make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.

July 2024 horoscope cancer

Cancer July Horoscope

Happy birthday, Cancer! This is a month of expansion for you. As you bask in the warmth of your solar return, there will also be a new moon in your sign on July 5, which will feel like a fresh start on how you choose to express yourself. Mercury and Venus will both be in your second house of material belongings and routine, so you’ll feel secure in your finances. With a strong foundation and a powerful lunar reset, this month could be a momentous time for you — as long as you choose to embrace the energy that surfaces. Put yourself out of your comfort zone by inviting friends to check out some fun events happening in the city.

July 2024 horoscope Leo

Leo July Horoscope

You’re always a powerhouse, Leo, but this month you’ll feel truly in your element. With Mercury and Venus in your corner from the beginning of the month, you’ll feel confident enough to stride forward and speak your truth. The full moon on the 21st illuminates your 6th house of health and organization, letting you do some major decluttering — just in time for your season. As you charge forward, propelled by the energy of your solar return, be sure to take time for self-care and reflection.

Virgo July 2024 horoscope

Virgo July Horoscope

You’ll be experiencing some personal growth this month, Virgo. With Mercury and Venus entering your 12th house of healing and spirituality, you’ll naturally gravitate towards your inner world during the first half of the month. On July 21, there will be a full moon in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, illuminating your 3rd house of communication and the mind; additionally, communication planet Mercury will enter your home sign on the 25th. All the inner work you did this month will flow out of you naturally, making you feel like yourself in the company of others. Take advantage of this grounded energy by doing something fun with friends, like checking out an upcoming art exhibit.

libra July 2024 horoscope

Libra July Horoscope

Say “yes” to the things you want this month, Libra. With Mercury and Venus entering your 11th house of hopes, wishes and social awareness, you’ll be daydreaming about what the future holds more than usual, and you’ll be able to collaborate well with others. As action planet Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini on July 20, highlighting your 9th house of travel and higher education, you might be inspired to go on an adventure and gain new philosophical insight because of it. Consider going on a day trip when you have a free weekend.

July 2024 horoscope scorpio

Scorpio July Horoscope

As you wade through fellow water sign Cancer season, allow yourself to vocalize your desires, both in your professional and personal life. Mercury and Venus enter your 10th house of career and structure at the beginning of the month, making it easier for you to envision the success of any upcoming goals and projects. The full moon later this month will illuminate your 3rd house of the mind; it’s time to get introspective, letting go of any trains of thought that hold you back. If you find yourself overthinking, give yourself an outlet by chatting with friends over coffee or journaling. 

Sagittarius July Horoscope

You’ll be feeling even more expansive and social than usual this month, Sag. You generally gravitate towards the spontaneous, but with Venus and Mercury entering your 9th house of travel and philosophy, you’re even more likely to jump on a train or a flight on a whim. As Mars enters social Gemini on July 20, activating your 7th house of interpersonal relationships, you’ll naturally yearn to connect. Talk about all your recent adventures with the people around you — or better yet, take them with you.

July 2024 horoscope capricorn

Capricorn July Horoscope

This is a month of reflection for you. Think about how you are tied to the people around you, Cap. With Mercury and Venus highlighting your 8th house of shared finances and intimacy, the beginning of the month is a time where you might experience some revelations about how you connect with the people most important to you. Later in the month, Chiron’s retrograde in your 4th house of family might bring up any foundational healing you have to do; make time to talk to your loved ones, perhaps over a delicious meal.

Aquarius horoscope July 2024

Aquarius July Horoscope

You’re feeling romantic this month, Aqua, so don’t hold back on expressing the love you have within. With Mercury and Venus entering your 7th house of partnerships, and Mars entering your 5th house of romance and play, you might be surprised at how flirty you’re feeling. Take your special someone (or the person you want to make your special someone) on a date, and get creative with it. Consult our Tokyo date guide if you’re in need of some inspiration.

July horoscope pisces 2024

Pisces July Horoscope

Enjoy the rest of fellow water sign Cancer season by embracing your natural proclivities for art and creativity, Pisces. The new moon in Cancer on July 5 highlights your 5th house of creativity and childlike spirit. Let yourself be silly if that’s what the situation calls for. Go do something that made you happy as a child, like attending an anime event for your childhood show.July 2024 horoscope aries

Aries July Horoscope

You’re going to feel more introspective this month than usual, Aries, giving you plenty of opportunity for growth. Mars enters Gemini, activating your 3rd house of the mind and social activity. This will help you connect better with those around you and with yourself. Chiron begins its backward spin in your home sign on the 26th; make time to sort through any emotional blocks or insecurities you’ve harbored from the past, and then let them go. For a firecracker like you, some time with your own thoughts is important, but try not to get too lost in your own head. Go look at some seasonal flowers if you feel overwhelmed.

taurus July 2024 horoscope

Taurus July Horoscope

This month is all about family for you, Taurus. Venus and Mercury move into your 4th house of home and foundations, so you might catch yourself wanting to see your loved ones, or romanticizing a future one. Spending time with your chosen family is its own form of self-care, and it might be rejuvenating to do something wholesome with them, like cooking or going to the beach. In fact, a beach trip might be exactly what you need when the full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn lights up your 9th house of travel later this month. A change in scenery along with your favorite people is the perfect recipe for happiness.

gemini July 2024 horoscope

Gemini July Horoscope

You’re generally a great conversationalist, Gemini, but your words will truly flow this month — so make sure you’re speaking with intentionality. Chatty Mercury and passionate Venus enter your 3rd house of the mind and communication early this month, making for truly lively conversations. Then, as Mars enters your home sign on July 20, you’ll find the confidence to put your money where your mouth is. Now is the time to act on all the ideas you put forth in the first half of the month. Take some time to be mindful, and consider writing down your thoughts and impressions so you can take full advantage of this expressive time.

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