Brewer’s Coffee & Bar
in ANA InterContinental Tokyo, Akasaka

Opened in August 2023, the Brewer’s Coffee and Bar is a stylish space that offers good coffee and food until late in the evening. The shop’s credo is giving everyone “at least one exquisite moment in the day” and this is achieved with quality coffee. The beans are in the right hands, as the members of staff have been trained by 2014 Japan Hand Drip Champion and UCC Coffee Academy Instructor Katsuro Doi.

The bar’s signature coffee beans are UCC’s espresso Largo, produced through a three-week aging process using a proprietary method. There is also single origin coffee on offer, complemented by a range of desserts, pastries, nutritious vegetable bowls, avocado toast and more. You can then finish your afternoon or evening with an original coffee-flavored cocktail or a mocktail.

Gather by UnPlan,
in UnPlan Kagurazaka

This café is part of a stylish hotel, so it’s conveniently open until late. It also has free Wi-Fi and electric outlets, as well as an overall welcoming and comfortable interior. For sunny days, there’s a terrace too. Located in the Kagurazaka backstreets, it’s a quiet and pleasant space in which to spend some time. However, do check how long you can stay, as it seems to depend on congestion.

Gather by UnPlan has an extensive food menu in addition to some nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Of course, the reason it landed on this list is because of its great coffee, including tasty espressos. It’s obvious that this place is not just about mindless caffeination at the push of a button on a coffee machine.

Bundoza Cafe & Bar
in The Square Hotel, Ginza

A welcoming space with exposed brick walls and jaunty yellow tables and chairs for al fresco moments and people-watching, the lobby of Bundoza is a great spot for coffee. Situated on the first floor of The Square Hotel Ginza, Bundoza stays open until midnight, which is almost unheard of for coffee shops and good news for night owls. It also has free Wi-Fi and a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere that is perfect for reading a book or a bit of remote work.

Bundoza offers great specialty coffee beans prepared as drip, espresso, flavored lattes, as well as trendier options such as espresso tonic and affogato. For a boozy alternative in the evening, try the espresso martini.

Switch Coffee
in K5 Hotel, Kabutocho

The excellent Switch Coffee has locations in Meguro and Yoyogi, and more recently, inside K5 Hotel. You can savor perfect espressos and smooth lattes regardless of whether you’re staying at the hotel. Switch offers trendy drinks such as an espresso tonic and rum latte, as well as tasting flights for curious coffee drinkers. If you like the beans here, you can buy them and take them home.

In addition to the terrific coffee, the beautifully designed interior is another reason to visit Switch. The hotel is housed in a renovated heritage building from the early 20th century, a rare treat in Tokyo where buildings mostly get demolished and replaced. You can sip your coffee while soaking in the atmosphere next to a massive window and surrounded by plants.

Almond Hostel & Cafe, Yoyogi

As you can tell by the name, this one is not a hotel, but a hostel with an excellent café. You can choose between a darker and a lighter blend of coffee beans that are extracted into a top-notch espresso, which you can then drink as is, dunked into a tonic, over ice cream as an affogato, or as the base in a latte. Besides the classics, Almond Hostel & Cafe offers flavored lattes, such as caramel and hazelnut, chai latte, mocha and more. The café is also popular for its curries and hot-pressed sandwiches.

The hipster interior matches the reputation of the whole Yoyogi Uehara area, which is dotted with specialty coffee shops and vintage stores. You’re welcome to spend more time in Almond Hostel & Cafe, as many digital nomads (both Tokyo-based and travelers) use the free Wi-Fi to do some work.

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