Anime is all the rage these days. If you’re all about the otaku vibes then you need to check out this list of upcoming anime pop-up shops, cafes, art exhibitions and more.

Pop-Up Shops

oshi no ko pop up store tokyo

Oshi no Ko "Noir Themed" Pop-Up Store

The hit manga Oshi no Ko by Aka Akasaka gets its own pop-up shop in Shibuya. Expect a large line-up of goods featuring B Komachi's Ai Hoshino, Kana Arima and MEMcho dressed up in unique costumes under the theme of "Noir"! For every ¥5,500 spent on eligible products, customers will receive one of three types of illustration cards, randomly chosen, as a gift.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・11:00-19:00
Price Free
Location Tokyo Anime Center

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Pop-Up at Loft Stores

Celebrate one of Japan's best loved monster franchises with a pop-up store commemorating its 25th anniversary. Held exclusively at Loft stores located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, this pop-up will be selling a variety of goods featuring new illustrations of the original DigiDestined. For every ¥2,000 spent on merchandise, fans will also get a bonus postcard chosen at random.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・10:00-21:00
Price Free
Location Tokyo Ikebukuro Loft


naruto pop up

Naruto Cafe Pop-Up

Naruto is back in a delicious way. Visit the Animate Cafe Stand Ikebukuro No.4 for a limited time pop up collaboration between the anime merch store and Naruto Shippuden. Expect delicious desserts featuring the tailed beasts Kurama and Shukaku as well as a drink menu inspired by Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara and Sasori. As a bonus for the fans, each item ordered off the collaboration menu will come with a randomized character coaster featuring the event illustration.  
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 24, 2024・11:00-20:00
Price Free
Location Animate Cafe Ikebukuro 4 Shop
More Info Located at the Cafe Stand in the Animate Ikebukuro No. 4 store

Pokemon Eevee Friends Afternoon Tea

A nation-wide "Eevee Friends Afternoon Tea" will allow Pokemon fans from all across Japan to bask in the glow of the Eeveelutions. Menu items are inspired by Eevee and all of its evolved forms, including Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glacean and Sylveon. Seven sweet items will represent each element, while savory dishes will take cues from the colors and motifs of the Pokemon.  
Date & Time Jul 3, 2024-Aug 30, 2024・12:00-19:00
Price From ¥6,000
Location Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral

My Dress-Up Darling Pop-Up Chinese Restaurant

Fans of the iconic romantic comedy series My Dress-Up Darling can now have their dim sum and eat it, too. In collaboration with MOTTO Cafe Ikebukuro, the cafe will be crafting up an original menu that reflects a Chinese restaurant theme. Please note that this pop-up is by reservation only.
Date & Time Aug 1, 2024-Sep 29, 2024・11:00-
Location MOTTO Cafe Ikebukuro

Art Exhibitions

digimon exhibition festival

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Exhibition

About the Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Hold onto your Agumon, Digimon is back! The "25th Anniversary Digimon Adventure Exhibition',' is a showcase commemorating the 25th anniversary of Toei Animation's popular Digimon Adventure anime series. This will be a powered up form of the annual Digi Festival to celebrate this special year.
Date & Time Aug 10, 2024-Aug 25, 2024・10:00-18:00
Price Free
Location Ikebukuro Sunshine City Exhibition Hall C

Soul Eater exhibition

Soul Eater 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

The Soul Eater Art Exhibition to commemorate its 20th anniversary will take place in Tokyo. Fans can expect to see manga author, Atsushi Ohkubo’s very own raw manuscripts, giving one an in-depth look into how Soul Eater was first created. As for new content, videos using the recorded voices of the main characters, Maka and Soul Eater, will also be shared at the event.
Date & Time Aug 23, 2024-Sep 23, 2024・11:00-20:00
Location Animate Ikebukuro
More Info Located at the Space Galleria on the 8th floor of the Animate Ikebukuro Main Store

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