This Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration cafe celebrates the second season of this popular anime. A special menu has been crafted and is inspired by memorable scenes and characters from the series such as Geto, Ieiri and Gojo!

Some of the dishes you can expect to savor include the “Gojo Red & Blue Chicken Waffle,” inspired by Gojo Satoru’s curse technique, “Geto Cursed Spirit Orb Soba Galette,” topped with a citrusy cursed spirit orb-style jelly, and the “Ieiri Shouko Paella,” served with a knife inspired by Ieiri’s scalpel.

The cafe will also be selling exclusive merchandise featuring brand new illustrations of  the main characters dressed up in refreshing summer outfits. You can pick up can badges, keychains, acrylic stands, postcards and more!