A Chance to Eat Food Straight Out of Delicious in Dungeon!

Delicious in Dungeon fans will finally have their dreams come true – a collaboration cafe that recreates some of the cuisine featured in the anime! Don’t expect frozen pizza or simple cheese toast. These dishes are weird, gourmet and of the likes that Laios would literally and figuratively kill for. Some include a “Cockatrice’s Stone Grilled – chicken and egg – Bread Bowl” as well as a “Giant Parasites from inside the Kraken” which look suspiciously like grilled unagi. There’s even a “Red Dragon Big Steak,” which looks convincingly like a dragon’s leg, with crocodile meat as the main ingredient.

Bookings on weekends and public holiday evenings also have the option for the course menu which comes with one of the main dishes plus, rice, salad, soup, a drink and dessert.

As per all collaboration cafes, you’ll also have access to a variety of limited merch. All dining patrons will also receive a special welcome card with a new illustration from the manga artist herself, Ryoko Kui.

Delicious in Dungeon Cafe & Dining Event Details and Location