The fast-paced hustle of Tokyo is exhilarating, but sometimes, we need a break in the form of a brief nature escape to restore our balance. While navigating public transportation in central Tokyo is a breeze, venturing further out can pose challenges with finding train-accessible destinations. To make your search for nature escapes easier, we’ve curated a list of five train-friendly destinations perfect for a day trip from Tokyo. 

zushi beach

1. Zushi Beach

Can you believe it takes only a little more than one hour to get from the concrete jungle of Shibuya to the salt breezes of Zushi? From Shibuya Station, board a local Shonan-Shinjuku Line train stopping in Zushi, a beachside town located between Kamakura and Yokosuka. Within the hour, you’ll arrive at Zushi Station, from where a 15-minute walk will take you to the idyllic sandy shores of Zushi Beach, a tranquil escape where you can enjoy shallow waves and bask under the sun. From the shore, you can also catch a stunning view of Mount Fuji. 

Stroll to Hayama Marina, where you can shop, enjoy lunch and savor a gelato served from a charming yellow school bus. Save room for a second dessert, as Misaki Donuts, a local specialty store known for its handmade donuts, is conveniently located near the station. 

With a belly full of donuts or a hefty to-go bag, head back to Tokyo — and be sure to aloe up overnight to prevent sunburn!

2. Mount Mitake

Though nearby Mount Takao often steals the limelight due to its easy accessibility and the many festivals held there throughout the year, Mount Mitake is not a mountain to be overlooked. Famous for its Rock Garden hike, a beginner-friendly 1.5-kilometer loop, Mitake provides the perfect opportunity to top up your chi. 

Take a moment to listen to the sounds of running water and native birds as you make your way up the rocky stream. On the way back, stop by the summit to visit Musashi-Mitake-jinja Shrine. Founded during the reign of Emperor Sujin (97–30 BCE), this shrine worships Oguchimagami, a divinity that protects farmers from disasters. 

After visiting the shrine, enjoy a home-cooked meal and dessert prepared by locals while taking in the stunning views of the mountain range. Before heading back to the station, browse the small souvenir shops selling traditional Japanese otsukemono (pickled vegetables) and plush toys.  

3. Atami

Atami, a beautiful seaside city in Shizuoka Prefecture that retains its traditional charm, is an easy 45-minute shinkansen ride from Tokyo Station. Explore the city’s winding shopping streets filled with shops selling traditional Japanese snacks and other food before finding a spot — whether on the beach or higher ground — to watch a 20-minute nighttime fireworks show. 

The historic Atami Fireworks Festival, held over 10 times a year, attracts crowds from all over the region. Each firework explosion sends sparkling tendrils of light up over the sea, creating a reflection on the water’s mirror-like surface. The interplay of reflections and sounds — from both the explosions and the waves — exemplifies the beauty and power possible when nature and human creativity come together. 

Once the show ends, the station gets very congested, so be sure to purchase a round-trip train ticket when leaving Tokyo. 

best tokyo day trips by train

4. Hitsujiyama Park

This park northwest of Tokyo is known for its 400,000 shibazakura plants that bloom each April. While shibazakura season may be over, don’t let that stop you from planning your next trip to the park. Located about a 15-minute walk from Chichibu Station — itself around 1.5 hours from Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Station — Hitsujiyama Park is a breathtaking scenic escape from Tokyo. 

While you’re there, be sure to visit the springtime markets that sell locally crafted wares and traditional foods, including wooden utensils, flower mochi and skewered grilled fish. If you prefer to sit in a restaurant, try one of the 60 soba restaurants in the town’s center. The Chichibu region cultivates buckwheat flour — the main ingredient in soba — making the noodles a must-try local dish. 

Meander around the shopping district and visit the local temples before heading back to the station for some heavy-duty souvenir shopping and the return trip to Tokyo. 

Kannonzaki Park best tokyo day trips by train

5. Kannonzaki Park

Kannonzaki Park, located in Yokosuka, will no longer be gatekept! A secret spot beloved by locals, the park is a beautiful place an hour from Tokyo that ticks all the boxes for a nature-filled day trip. At the easternmost point of the Miura Peninsula, Kannonzaki makes you forget you’re in Japan. Not only does the park feature panoramic ocean views, it also boasts attractions like the Kannonzaki Nature Museum, Kannonzaki Lighthouse and the Yokosuka Museum of Art. 

Enjoy a slow lunch at a café looking out over Tokyo Bay, or bring food to grill and sizzle away the afternoon at one of the many barbecue picnic spots in the area. Unwind on the white, sandy shores and, if it’s warm enough, dip your toes into the clear blue water before heading back up the beach to the bus stop for the ride back to the station.  

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