The train system is the beating heart of Tokyo, keeping the city running with its complex network. If you’ve been in Tokyo for a while, you probably have a favorite train line, either because of how convenient it is or due to fond memories you might have formed while onboard. Indeed, colored by the experiences of the people of Tokyo, each train line has grown to have its own personality, whether it be based on the stations it stops at or the type of people you’ll find riding it.

Keep reading to find out which line matches the vibe of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Chuo Line

Taking passengers from Chiba Prefecture and weaving them through the bustling areas of Akihabara, Shinjuku and Kichijoji, the Chuo Line is chaotic during commuter hours, just like our lovely, frantic rams, and attracts a crowd. The Chuo Line is also the quickest train to get from Tokyo to Shinjuku Station — perfect for fiery Aries who are impatient to get to where the heart of the action is.

Taurus: Hibiya Line

We all know Taurans love to enjoy the glamorous life and get plenty of rest while they’re at it, and that’s exactly what Hibiya Line is all about. Passing through the heart of Ginza and up-scale business areas like Roppongi and Ebisu, the Hibiya Line efficiently gets passengers to places where they can pursue the high life. After business hours, Taurans and Hibiya Line alike can head to these glam areas — or, more likely, straight home to nap.

Gemini: Toyoko Line

The Toyoko Line, just like Gemini, is multifaceted. Stopping at some of the most fashionable districts, including Shibuya, Daikanyama and Nakameguro, the train can cater to people with refined (and maybe even slightly pretentious) tastes. On the other hand, it’s also a busy commuter train, carrying Yokohama-ites into the capital on work days. Able to please a whole range of people, the Toyoko line is classy and convenient, fit for the social Gemini.

Cancer: Toden Arakawa Line

Standing out among the hectic train systems of Tokyo is the Toden Arakawa Line, an adorable tram that roams suburban Arakawa and Toshima city. On the Toden Arakawa Line, also known as the Toden Sakura Tram, you’ll find students of Waseda University and elderly folks heading to quaint shopping streets on a sunny afternoon, and the vibes on board are generally quite cozy and nostalgic, like our homebody Cancers. 

Leo: Yamanote Line

Everyone was probably wondering who the famed Yamanote Line would be, but is anyone surprised that the honor goes to the most dramatic of the signs? Stopping at literally every major station in Tokyo, the Yamanote Line is fit for our Leo, who suffers more than a little bit from FOMO. Central in Tokyo’s train system, the Yamanote Line, just like our fiery lions, just can’t help being an It girl.

Virgo: Saikyo Line

Bringing in commuters from Saitama into Tokyo, the Saikyo Line is like the efficient cousin of the Yamanote Line. Stopping at major stops like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ebisu, the Saikyo Line is the trusted train for those who have business to get to, like our Type A Virgo. Like Virgo, Saikyo line maximizes productivity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun — after all, the places they’re running to are all the major rendezvous stations.

Libra: Ginza Line

As the fashionistas and diplomats of the zodiac — and also the sign most likely to be chronically late — Librans have to be able to get to the office and their favorite boutique clothing shops in 20 minutes flat, which is exactly what Ginza Line accomplishes. Stopping at its eponymous station, as well as hubs like Shibuya, Nihonbashi and Ueno, the Ginza Line, like our lovely Librans, stays busy making time for work, play and luxury, all in a day’s work.

Scorpio: Oedo Line

Don’t get mad about this one, Scorpio. Everyone knows the Oedo Line, but how well do we really know it? Hitting major stops like Shinjuku, Roppongi and Ryogoku, the Oedo Line is a common train for commuters and tourists alike, but its P-shaped route is always a little confusing. Plus, the Oedo Line is so deep. Like, too deep. Just like our mysterious Scorpions, who carry fathomless secrets in their hearts, sometimes it seems like you can never get to the bottom of it.

Sagittarius: Marunouchi Line

If you’re a J-Pop fan, you probably have heard Sagittarius pop star Sheena Ringo’s “Marunouchi Sadistic.” But that’s not the line’s only connection to the legendary archer sign — just like Sag, the Marunouchi Line is all over the place, stopping at some pretty chaotic stations like Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Ginza, Ochanomizu and Shinjuku Station. You can always count on the Marunouchi Line — and fun-loving Sagittarians — to take you to where the action is. 

Capricorn: Shinjuku Line

Capricorn is the most goal-oriented sign of the zodiac and can be counted on to cut the crap, just like the Shinjuku Line, which quite literally cuts through the middle of the metro system, which other lines tend to steer around. The green line shuttles in passengers from Chiba and can be trusted to get commuters to their office efficiently and on time. The line also stops at some major stops, including Shinjuku (of course), Kudanshita and Jimbocho, where our thoughtful Capricorn might enjoy a bookish afternoon.

Aquarius: Tokyo Monorail

Like Aquarius, which is sometimes referred to as the alien of the zodiac, Tokyo Monorail is doing its own thing. Largely known for connecting Hamamatsucho to Haneda Airport, Tokyo Monorail is practical, but knows how to enjoy the journey. It overlooks the sea en route to the airport, allowing passengers to take one last look of Tokyo before departing for long travels ahead, something the wise Aquarius would relish in. 

Pisces: Yurikamome Line

The Yurikamome Line, which runs through the aquatic high-tech hub of Odaiba, is beautifully poetic, just like our thoughtful Pisces. With panoramic views of the ocean and a route that even takes it across the Rainbow Bridge, it makes passengers feel transported to a futuristic world of flying cars and seaside metropolises. Plus, Odaiba has plenty of attractions that would appeal to sensitive Pisces, including indoor theme park Joypolis and the Gundam statue that gets adults feeling a little nostalgic.

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