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Aries: Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato

But not both. Pick your favorite, Aries, because everyone has their own opinions about the Kinoko and Takenoko debate. The ongoing war hinges on people staunchly claiming either the mushroom or bamboo-shaped chocolate cookie to be superior, and no one is willing to bend. If you bring a pack of Kinoko no Yama to a party, there’s definitely going to be someone at the function who pipes up that they prefer the bamboo alternative. Confrontational but widely loved, these chocolate biscuit snacks have that sweet bite, just like our fiery rams.

Taurus: Jaga Pokkuru

Made with 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes, these rustic chips are earthy and cozy while being a little addictive, just like Taurus. Jaga Pokkuru  also give an aura of luxury, like you’re actually eating fries instead of chips, and they’re a step above your usual junky potato snack.  Flavorful with a satisfying crunch, they’re perfect for tucking away in your bed while binge-watching some new anime that’s been released on Netflix. And we all know how much Taurus loves a cozy night in. 

japanese zodiac snack

Gemini: KitKat

This one is kind of a no-brainer. On top of coming in pairs, KitKats are multi-faceted and popular, just like our sociable twins. From wasabi to dark chocolate, KitKats have over 300 different flavors, and you can eat them in a variety of ways: straight up, biting around the chocolate (that can’t just be me), sticking them on a parfait or splitting them with a friend. Geminis also have two modes: either working full-throttle or on vacation mode, and a KitKat is a perfect on-the-go snack as well as a break time companion (that is their slogan, after all).

Cancer: Milky

Debuting in 1951 with the iconic 6-year-old mascot Peko-chan, Milky is nostalgic and sweet, just like our emotional Cancers. Milky’s trademark slogan is that it “tastes like mom,” and is reminiscent of the warmth of breast milk. A little weird? Sure, but we all love and accept Milky (and Cancer) and their at-times sappy moments.

Leo: Karamucho

With bright red lettering and an impactful flavor, Karamucho is absolutely in-your-face, which is fitting for bold Leo. Fun with a slightly spicy kick, these potato sticks and chips, as well as our ferocious lions both thrive in big crowds. Karamucho does also have a pretty strong smell and will make its presence known. Though a fan-favorite, this snack can be polarizing — just like a spotlight-loving Leo.

japanese zodiac snack

Virgo: Pocky

Pocky is functional, beloved and can be trusted not to ruffle any feathers, just like Virgo. And both can work under any circumstances. A versatile snack, Pocky can be eaten straight out of the bag or put in a glass to share with friends — or eaten Lady and the Tramp–style in a heart-racing game. This is fitting as Virgo is also known as the hormonal teenager of the zodiac despite having a serious reputation. 

japanese zodiac snack

Libra: Hi-Chew

Kids who brought Hi-Chew to school were popular for a reason. Meant to be shared and unabashedly sweet yet refreshing, Hi-Chews are diplomatic and even romantic, just like our Librans. With a wide-range of flavors and  globally beloved, they’re also more than a little bit of a people pleaser. 

Scorpio: Black Thunder

Black Thunder sounds scary, comes in an intense packet and has a bite to it, but it’s surprisingly sweet. Scorpions are the same way: tough and mysterious on the outside but quietly emotional on the inside. Black Thunder is also pretty addictive, just like our alluring Scorpio. Once you’ve had a taste, you can’t stay away.

Sagittarius: Umaibo

Umaibo is iconic and admittedly a bit of a meme, just like our chaotic archers. With the snack’s mascot, Umaemon, vaguely reminiscent of another robot anime character and dramatically dancing on the wrapping, Umaibo has a lot going on, to say the least. Plus, after being known for decades for costing just ¥10, the snack recently announced a price hike (all the way up to ¥12). It’s so Sag to promise a little too much when excited.

Capricorn: Kaki no Tane

Kaki no Tane is both fun and business-like. It’s a perfect snack to pair with a beer, but it wouldn’t be weird to see it on the refreshment table at a professional event, either. Goal-oriented Capricorns love maximizing work productivity and pleasure, something this classic snack lends itself to. You can also have as few or as many as you’d like, so our practical sea goats can nibble to their hearts’ content. 

Aquarius: Fettuccine Gummi

Eccentric Aquarians have gummy energy to begin with (the girls that get it, get it), but they’re particularly reminiscent of the Fettuccine Gummi line. Are they gummies? Are they pasta? Sweet and a little sour, Fettuccine Gummi have their trademark chewiness, and their quirky, memorable and even intellectual-seeming nature (we get it, you speak Italian) recalls our independent Aquarius.

Pisces: Ottoto

Ottoto have an aquatic theme, but that’s not the only reason they fit well with this water sign. Air-filled potato snacks that come in the shape of various marine creatures, they’re cute and a little fragile, like our sensitive Pisces. Eating Ottoto also encourages people to contemplate the shape of what they’re about to consume (“it’s a starfish!” Chomp), which calls to mind our thoughtful and poetic fishies.

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