tokyo date ideas

Simple Dates

Dating doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple by sticking to the basics. Perfect for first dates and busy people.

1. Stroll through a park. Any will do, but we recommend the spacious Yoyogi Park or the romantic Inokashira Park, which even has fun couple activities like swan boats.

2. Go to a tea house. Ditch the overdone coffee dates and opt for an authentic tea experience. Many tea houses are tucked into traditional Japanese houses or, like Nakajima no Ochaya, are located in a famous garden, so you can explore culture and cuisine to get the sophisticated vibe going on your date.

3. Check out a themed cafe. If you and your date have a common interest (or your partner has a vested interest in the Pokémon franchise), visiting a themed cafe could break the ice with its adorable offerings and casual atmosphere.

4. Visit an aquarium. Another classic where you can’t go wrong. The roaming fishies and adorable dolphin shows will help soothe you. Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Aquarium is even open in the evening for a unique date.

5. Go to a planetarium. It’s hard to go stargazing in Tokyo, but you can still have a romantic hand-holding moment on a cute planetarium date.

6. Go museum-hopping in Ueno. Museums can make for a fun and even sophisticated date, and Ueno Park has several to choose from. Visit the various museums and grab a bite for a picture-perfect afternoon.

7. Or check out a themed museum, if that’s more of you and your date’s vibe. 

8. In a similar vein, visit the popular teamLab exhibit (including its new installment at Azabudai Hills) for an interactive and artsy museum.

9. Attend one of the many afternoon teas in the city. Tokyo’s afternoon tea buzz continues, and there are always several to choose from, particularly around the chocolatey Valentine’s season.

tokyo date ideas

Interactive Dates

It can be hard to break the ice with just conversation. If you’re on the shy side, one of these date ideas with an interactive component might help you get creative and get to know your date more intimately.

10. Throw some clay in a pottery class. There are several English-supported classes in the city, including a workshop for the beautiful craft of kintsugi.

11. Ignite your senses with a perfume-making class. Scent is closely connected to your memories, so make yourself unforgettable to your date by creating your own signature scent.

12. Or get creative at a jewelry-making class. If you’re more of a visual person, consider making jewelry with your date, whether it’s matching bracelets or wedding rings.

13. Make some food samples. This is a quirkier, but at the same time, incredibly enjoyable option. Create realistic food samples and learn about the craft at a hands-on workshop.

14. Get your hearts racing in an escape room. Thrilling but fun, escape rooms are perfect for the adventurous couple, as well as testing your compatibility with your date.

15. Get tipsy at a sake tasting event. If you and your date are alcohol enthusiasts, this can be an intoxicating but classy experience to learn about the wide variety of rice alcohol.

16. Show off your creative side at Art Bar. A classic paint and sip is popular for a reason, and you can unwind with some wine, and take home your artwork for a memento of the romantic evening.

Shibuya winter illuminations - tokyo date ideas

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Evening Dates

There’s something about the sun going down that gets the excitement up. Here are some evening activity ideas (that aren’t your average dinner date).

17. Have an up-scale dinner at a sushi omakase course. Experience some out-of-the-ordinary dishes made by some of the best sushi chefs in the world.

18. Overlook the city at Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower. To be fair, these can be attended any time of day, but there’s something especially romantic about going to these Tokyo landmarks at night. 

19. Immerse yourself in music at a candlelight concert. Currently a global trend, you can listen to a beautiful concert surrounded by candles for a magical evening.

20. Vibe at a jazz bar. Continuing with the music theme, enjoy a cocktail and some live music with your date at one of Tokyo’s surprisingly extensive list of jazz bars.

21. Go to a love hotel. Need I explain any further? A lot of love hotels offer karaoke and TV selections for a well-rounded, sexy evening.

22. Get boozy at a cocktail bar. Cocktails have really made a resurgence recently, and libations are always a good idea on a date.

23. Stroll through one of the many illuminations in Tokyo. Though often thought of as a Christmas date, many illuminations stay lit up all winter long to keep those romantic vibes flowing.

Okinawa hiking

All-day Dates

For the outgoing lovebirds who want to spend all day together.

24. Go hiking. There are a lot of hiking trails in and near Tokyo for an athletic day trip.

25. Take a day trip to a winery. Go on a day trip to the wine region that is Yamanashi Prefecture to explore Japan’s surprisingly large array of gorgeous wines.

26. Feel the magic at Disney. This one is a little basic, but a classic for a reason. Explore Venetian cityscapes at Tokyo DisneySea or the three mountains at Tokyo Disneyland to get a sense of adventure and plenty of time to chat during the extensive wait in line. 

27. Get steamy at an onsen, sento or sauna. This one is particularly good for same-sex couples (for obvious reasons), but you can also go to a private onsen or a spa that has mixed-gender areas that require swimwear.

28. Pray for love at Enoshima. There are a lot of love shrines in Tokyo, but Enoshima has two shrines that are said to bestow luck and happiness to couples that visit (hence why there are always so many couples on the island, making for somewhat awkward family trips).

29. Slip back in time at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. For the history buffs, take a quick 30-minute train from central Tokyo to go to this delightful preserved and reconstructed museum that will make you feel like you’ve gone back 400 years in time. 

30. Feel the nostalgic port city vibes at Yokohama. If you and your date have gotten bored of going to the same places in Tokyo, enjoy a change of scenery by checking out Chinatown, the red brick warehouse and the nighttime cityscape at Minato Mirai.

High-End Dates

For that super-special evening, like anniversaries and popping the question. Or if you have some loose change to spare.

31. Eat some melt-in-your-mouth wagyu at a teppanyaki restaurant. Many hotel teppanyaki are also located high in the building for a beautiful view of the city while you dine.

32. Get classy with a French full-course. Few things scream luxury like a full-course meal, and a French one at that. Experience some of Japan’s best restaurants on your special night.

33. Dine on a luxury cruise. There are a lot of cruising options in Tokyo, and it is particularly romantic to dine on the water. The Symphony cruise even outlines a heart on its route through Tokyo Bay.

34. Enjoy a couples massage. Treat your partner to a luxury spa day and some quality time. 

35. Hear me out: go on a helicopter ride overlooking Tokyo. You can book a helicopter tour for two at just under 5 Yukichi Fukuzawas (or ¥50,000 in layman’s terms) for an unforgettable experience. Though be warned, it’s really loud inside a helicopter, so don’t expect much conversation to be happening during the trip.

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