Pokémon Café

Pokémon Centers are a mainstay in the game as a place to relax and recuperate. These real-life editions are not too different from their virtual counterparts and have long been popular spots for traveling Pokémon fans. In Tokyo, the Pokémon Center Nihonbashi is unique as it also has a Pokémon café inside it, where fans can enjoy a meal with dishes such as the Eevee Plate, Pikachu Plate and even the Snorlax’s Tummy Filling Nap Lunch Plate. Exclusive merchandise is also available. Make sure to book ahead as the café does not accept walk-ins.

Kirby Café

Nintendo’s pink, round hero also has his own adorable café tucked inside Tokyo Solamachi near Tokyo SkyTree. The café’s interior features a woodgrain theme along the walls and the furniture, giving it a warm and rustic vibe. While themed café food can often be hit or miss, the reviews of the Kirby Café reveal that it actually serves good food with a selection of hearty meals such as burgers and pizza, all Kirby-shaped, of course. For dessert, take a bite from the iconic car-shaped Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Waddle Dee also makes several surprise appearances. After a great feed, you can saunter over to the official store to gander at exclusive goods.


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Final Fantasy Cafés: Artnia and Eorzea

While not strictly “anime,” we had to include the two iconic Final Fantasy cafés. Artnia Square Enix, located in Shinjuku Eastside Square, is a generalist café, bar and merchandise store for the popular franchise, selling everything from T-shirts and tote bags to plushies and figurines. Expect a light menu with some pasta and snacks, plus pancakes and parfaits with character motifs on them. Dragon Quest, another Square Enix series, is sometimes also featured here.

In contrast, Eorzea in Akihabara caters specifically to fans of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIV. The vibes are more akin to that of a tavern and drinks are inspired by the different character classes within the game. The food menu changes often, especially for game-related events, but fans will usually be able to savor some of the mainstay items, such as Moogle Milk Tea and Chubby Chocobo Steamed Bun.

Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory

This incredibly quaint but extremely popular café is the only official Studio Ghibli café and sits in a quiet part of Setagaya. The menu features several savory dishes, drinks and sweets, but you’re really here for the iconic Totoro-shaped cream puffs. These come in a variety of flavors, some of which are seasonal, so you’ll need routine visits to try them all. Permanent flavors are the chocolate and cream-flavored cream puffs, marked by Totoro wearing a blue-ribbon hat and a green leaf. Every corner of the café references recognizable Studio Ghibli titles, including Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. This is an unmissable experience for any Ghibli fan.

Cinnamoroll Café

Sanrio’s much-loved long-eared, blue-eyed puppy has a permanent outpost inside Shinjuku Marui Annex. This modest café is a little more minimal than the others on this list but comes with big, fluffy Cinnamoroll plushies on the seats to keep you company if you’re dining alone. On the menu are many Cinnamoroll-shaped items, including the iconic Oyasumi Omurice, which features a sleeping Cinnamoroll as the rice and a fluffy omelet as his blanket. If you’re on the go, the café also has a takeout menu with a variety of hot and cold drinks on offer. Don’t miss out on the Cinnamoroll merchandise, including keychains, tote bags and badges.


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Doraemon Café

Fujiko F. Fujio needs no introduction as the artist and creator of one of the world’s most recognizable manga characters, Doraemon. The Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture pays homage to his great work, showcasing prized illustrations. The museum’s café is, as you might expect, Doraemon-themed, offering eclectic food and drinks. Sip on a Doraemon latte, complete with latte art, while enjoying Doraemon’s favorite snack, dorayaki. There’s no better way to celebrate Japan’s most famous robot cat.

Honorary Mention: Sweets Paradise

Sweets Paradise is a chain of dessert buffet restaurants, usually popular with the Japanese teenage crowd. The restaurants themselves have permanent locations but there are frequent rating rosters of collaborations featuring the latest anime or manga. Past campaigns included Fate/Grand Order, Tokyo Revengers, My Hero Academia and Spy × Family. Sweets Paradise occasionally also creates limited-time menus together with video games companies and VTuber agencies. It’s always worth checking the Sweets Paradise website for upcoming events. You never know when the chain might feature your favorite anime.