themed japan love hotel dinosaur

1. Hotel Artia Dinosaur Machida, Tokyo

Giddy up and get ready to ride your own dinosaur at this jungle-themed hotel from the Best Delight Group.

For those looking for a rumble in the jungle, check out Room 802, which comes with its own rideable dinosaur, hammock and even a mini aquarium. The hotel says: “This one is popular with young children.” And probably with adults too.

best japan love hotel car

Room 401, Universe

2. Liebhaber Hotel, Osaka

Ever fancied dating a racing car driver? Well, at Liebhaber Hotel in Osaka, you can do it in a fabulous, shiny sports car without worrying about oil stains. If you’re keen to join the mile-high club but can’t afford a business class plane ticket, head to the ‘universe’ room to fullfil your desires, without even leaving the ground.

themed japan love hotel chocolate sweets

Room 301

3. Sweets Hotel Chocolat, Tokyo

Located near Dogenzaka in Shibuya, Sweets Hotel is for all your sweet desires. With a chocolate bath and a scrumptious chocolate madeleine bed in room 301, you’ll be sure to have sweet dreams throughout your stay. All guests get free use of the karaoke room, too, so get all your chocolatey hits ready.

themed japan love hotels castle disney

4. Hotel Luna, Ibaraki

For those looking to glam up their night (or day), head to the Disney castle themed love hotel, Hotel Luna. Guests in Room 102 are treated to a sauna, projector, beer server and massage chair. Oh, and a fantastically sparkly heel bathtub. Yes, you read that right. And it’s not a tiny kitten heel. Hotel Luna’s bathtub is a giant, gold 9-inch stiletto you can literally take a bath in.

themed japan love hotels UFO theme

5. Hotel UFO, Chiba

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a UFO-shaped love hotel in Chiba. Hotel UFO in Chiba offers a comfortable and retro place to relax at a very reasonable overnight fee. One of the coolest things about this hotel, aside from the extraterrestrial shape, is the air shooter used for payment. Load up the tube with cash and launch it into the atmosphere (the reception desk). The hotel is also LGBTQ-friendly.

themed japan love hotel renaissance theme

Royal Suite

6. Hotel Brugge, Chiba

Hotel Brugge is like something straight out of a European classic movie, and the attention to detail is something to behold. In fact, craftsmen were invited from Italy to recreate a medieval European palace, and the hotel is often used as a set for TV dramas. It recently opened a private outdoor pool in Room 007, perfect for when you want to spend a warm summer’s day in Europe without leaving Chiba.

themed japan love hotel pirate

Cottage Room, on the water

7. Hotel Sky Paradise Rakuen, Oita

With a man-made outdoor moat to rival the best water rides at Disneyland, Hotel Sky Paradise Rakuen is basically a mini theme park. The rooms surround an artificial tropical sea filled with animatronic glittering dolphins, sharks and elephants. Some of the rooms have open-air baths and rooms with princess beds, and there are also two cottage rooms on the water.

themed japan love hotel giant swimming pool

Room 312

8. Hotel Baron Club, Aichi

There’s something pretty awesome about having your own private indoor pool in your hotel room. Whether you’re splashing around or genuinely want to do some laps, Room 312 at K’s Baron Club in Okazaki is the place for you. Its sister hotel, Hotel and Spa Island in Toyota City, also has a pool in room 601.

themed japan love hotel roulette

9. Hotel R, Fukuoka

When you’re not entirely sure what your fantasies are, why not have the option for all of them? Hotel R in Fukuoka has an eclectic selection of themed rooms. Prison, casino, sumo ring, houseboat and log house are just a few of the rooms you can reserve. Why not try them all? Run by Club Chapel Hotels, the group operates 16 hotels in Japan’s Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures.

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