Love hotels retain a slightly notorious reputation; a place for nighttime rendezvous, pay-by-the-hour trysts and taboo love affairs. But in reality, there is an underlining current that is innocent, unadulterated and fun. Where else can you go for an inexpensive combination of karaoke, spa baths, massage chairs and video games all in one room? Many people have started to appreciate the comfort of love hotels, regardless of their reputation.

Have a Spa Day with the Girls

Japanese love hotels bali an

Photo courtesy of Bali An Resort

Small apartments and thin walls in Japan are the reason why we can’t have nice things like sleepovers and house parties. Additionally, these days, arranging a get-together with your closest girlfriends is even more difficult. Worries over busy restaurants and crowded city centers may mean it has been months since your latest meetup. But there is a way to arrange a stress-free day out. Just turn to the adult-only hotels that are creating a safe environment for your next big hangout or celebration.

Japanese love hotels have been diversifying and offering competitive deals for locals such as girls-only party plans which are increasingly popular. With all-you-can-eat sweets, bottomless wine, facemasks and games — what’s not to love?

The highly rated Bali-an Hotel and Resort hotels are a superb choice for an enjoyable girls’ day out or relaxing sleepover. Not only can you bring your own food and drink, saving a hefty bar tab, but there are also countless activities to enjoy such as free access to karaoke rooms, canopy beds, balloons, selfie sticks and an expansive array of beauty amenities.

Try an Alternative Karaoke-kan

Japanese love hotels bali an

Photo courtesy of Bali An Resort

We’ve all been there: hastily scouring the provided song catalog in the hope that your niche childhood songs have finally found their way to your regular karaoke chain. The inevitable disappointment coincides with your fifth rendition of Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody. Why is it I can never find hits from my favorite Chicago musical soundtrack or the Spanish version of Livin’ La Vida Loca?

Well, another sound-proofed room can satisfy the urge to sing underrated classics and this one comes with a bed. Karaoke is almost a necessity of love hotels, whether that’s online via YouTube or with a built-in system. In most, you’ll find two microphones calling your name. With the internet as a resource, you won’t complain about not finding the latest Taylor Swift song.

Take a Workcation

Japanese love hotelsIt could be you’re escaping the noise of your obnoxious roommate or need a little more space than your share house provides when working or studying at home. Or maybe you just crave a change of scenery. You could rent an overpriced office space, or you could pay for a daytime rate at a love hotel. The sound-proof rooms guarantee peace plus the added comfort of a bed and massage chair makes breaks more rewarding. With excellent Wi-Fi, in-room delivery services and prime locations, love hotels are underrated teleworking spots.

Go on a Classic Couples’ Escape

Japanese love hotels bali an

Photo courtesy of Bali An Resort

Of course, love hotels are great for those in love. And it’s not just the suspicious secret love meetings they’re notorious for.

Working from home means working, sleeping and eating in the same space as your loved one. After a while, it can be challenging to kindle a spark in this dim environment. Feeling the strain, my partner and I modified the motto ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and absented ourselves from our shared apartment for a night.

We entered the ornate lobby of Hotel Forsion with a churning mix of apprehension and excitement; it was our first time in an adult-only hotel. We headed towards the receptionist, face obscured by tinted glass and discreetly gave our reservation number. In a matter of minutes, we were in.


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The room’s red ruby design, concrete walls and number of mirrors immediately contrasted with the hotel rooms we were used to. Along with the décor, we found luxurious facilities that would cost an arm and a leg anywhere else: a dry sauna to heat up the mood and a spa bath which lit up like a club when the lights were off. It’s safe to say we left the next day feeling content.


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Some Love Hotel Suggestions:

Bali-an Hotel and Resort — A boutique hotel group that transports you to Bali. A little more expensive than usual, but worth it.

JHT Group Hotels — Dominating the Shinjuku adult-only hotel scene, this chain comes highly recommended by the locals.

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