Japanese design is appreciated far beyond the country’s borders. The minimalist aesthetic and integration of style with functionality has had considerable influence all over the world, in industries as varied as fashion, technology and product design. Yet despite global admiration for Japanese design, the country’s considerable distance from much of the world often forestalls the easy circulation of high-quality Japanese ware.

Super Delivery International (stylized as SUPER DELIVERY International) provides businesses a much-needed solution to this problem. First launched in 2015, Super Delivery International is a wholesale marketplace composed of over 1,700 Japanese companies that facilitates the delivery of Japanese goods to businesses worldwide. Thanks to Super Delivery International, ramen can be slurped from traditional bowls in London’s best Japanese restaurants, or ideas jotted down into Japanese notebooks in New York.

To avoid choice paralysis from the 740,000 products available, we at TW have hand-selected our favorite pieces on offer at Super Delivery to help you find products that best suit your business.

Mino ware Rinka Kohyo Small Plate, 14cm

Part of the ceramic range sold by Yamani, a Japanese tableware company, this petal-rimmed, off-white, textured plate will imbue any table with a nostalgic elegance. Suitable for both dishwasher and microwave use, this porcelain can be used in all manner of circumstances: as a pretty dessert plate, a means for offering snacks or even a saucer for an accompanying cup. The versatility of this piece, as well as its durability, makes it an appealing choice even beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Mino ware Donburi Bowl Seigaiha, 8-sun

Hailing from Toki, a small city in the prefecture of Gifu where lots of Japanese Mino-yaki, or Mino ware, is made, this porcelain donburi bowl sold by minorutouki is tastefully engraved with a wave-like pattern, and skillfully glazed to ensure a smooth texture. Quite literally meaning “rice bowl dish,” donburi is one of Japan’s most versatile meals, usually consisting of either meat, fish or vegetables, and flavored in careful accordance with the season. This bowl is also suitable for the microwave, as well as the dishwasher, and is similarly suitable for any number of Western dishes, such as pasta or salad.

Japanese Teapot Nezumishino Rokube and Horitokusa

Tea ceremony has been a staple of traditional Japanese culture since the 8th century, when it was introduced from China. Although originally the preserve of society’s most affluent and  elite members, tea is enjoyed today in tearooms across the country among friends and families alike. Also Mino-yaki products sold by minorutouki, this charming Japanese teapot and accompanying teacup add a touch of traditional charm to any home and any brew. Made out of porcelain, these two products have been painted with an elegant and understated design for use in a variety of different aesthetic environments.

Chopsticks Rest Tri-Colored Dumpling

While hashioki, or chopstick rests, are not as commonly used in the West, they are ubiquitous in Japanese eateries and restaurants, and a staple of Japanese tableware. This adorable three-colored dango hashioki is reminiscent of a favorite Japanese snack often eaten at seasonal fairs and festivals. This cute and colorful item, which is produced by Masterscraft Corporation at their own ceramics studio in Mizunami city, is a best-selling product at Super Delivery and adds a pop of charm to any mealtime.

Mino ware Shiranami Whale Spoon

Part of a wider whale series by minorutouki, this delightful ramen spoon features an original whale motif with a wave pattern, bringing a taste of Japanese culture to every mouthful. Water-repellent and dishwasher-safe, this spoon is suitable for use not only with ramen, but similarly soups, rice, curries and more. Finding yourself charmed by this aquatically-inspired tableware? The series also includes donburi, ramen and rice bowls, as well as plates of various sizes, for those looking to complete the set.

With no minimum order quantity, Super Delivery International means you can deck out an entire kitchen with Japanese tableware or simply add a few tasteful pieces to an existing collection. In addition to tableware, the site hosts a vast array of products, ranging from fashion, stationery and household goods, as well as interior design. The expensive, long-haul flight no longer poses a problem; Super Delivery International brings Japan to your door. 

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