A trip to Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, meaning making the most of your time here is crucial. One aspect of that is getting the best value for your money, including when it comes to lodging. As the largest city on Earth, Tokyo offers a diverse range of accommodation, including hotels, love hotels, hostels, ryokan and capsule hotels, all of which range from the stylish to the downright weird — and from the reasonable to the downright expensive.

Sticking to a budget, however, shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment of this wonderful city. Luckily, there are plenty of places across the city that offer cheap stays, ranging from ¥3,000 ($20) to ¥16,000 ($100) a night. But which is worthy of your hard-earned cash? Tokyo Weekender scoured the city to find out. 

Hamacho Hotel

1. Hamacho Hotel

From ¥16,200

Having only opened in 2019, Nihonbashi’s Hamacho Hotel is one of the new kids on the block. Despite being right in the center of the biggest and busiest metropolis in the world, Hamacho Hotel brings nature front and center, integrating it into its facade from top to bottom. The interior boasts clean, refreshing designs that are sure to soothe your soul after exploring Tokyo’s bustling streets, while rooms are suitable for solo workers, couple getaways and family leisure. Additionally, the hotel’s Tokyo Craft Room, a platform to share the beauty of Japanese craft, provides a place for guests to connect with Japan’s rich artisan culture. 

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

2. Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Dormitory from ¥6,000

This vibrant hostel is a fan favorite among backpackers from around the globe. Nui. Hostel, located in Kuramae, offers both dormitory and private sleeping quarters and boasts a trendy shared bar/lounge space for guests to mingle and connect. The design combines modern urban elements, such as concrete facade with exposed pipes, with natural touches like roughly carved wooden seating and tables and large indoor shrubbery. Guests can grab a bite to eat, cook their own food, work from the lounge or rent a bike to explore nearby attractions like Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree.

Design Hotel Iroha

3. Design Hotel Iroha

From ¥12,500

Thanks to thin walls and tightly packed buildings, Tokyo has developed a strong love hotel culture, providing couples with a haven where they need not worry about disturbing their neighbors. Despite sounding a little seedy, many love hotels are nicely appointed and well worth a visit. Design Hotel Iroha, located in Roppongi, is a boutique love hotel featuring a modern design inside and out, and rooms combining the amenities of classic love hotels, such as large bubble baths, with traditional Japanese design, like tatami floors and sliding doors. For a stylish ー and sensual ー stay at a reasonable price, it’s well worth a look.

budget hotels tokyo Focus Kuramae

4. Focus Kuramae

From ¥3,400 (dorm) and ¥8,300 (private room)

Once a part of a camera factory, this building now acts as a trendy hostel in the downtown area of Asakusa. To pay homage to the building’s history, the concept of photography can be found throughout the hostel. You can even rent professional cameras, allowing you to capture memories from your trip and even see them displayed in the hostel. Focus Kuramae offers a variety of sleeping arrangements, from dormitory rooms to private rooms, and guests can mingle and relax in the open bar/café space, which boasts a chic and organic design thanks to the use of wood throughout the hostel — even in its very own sauna room.

budget hotels tokyo

5. Toggle Hotel

From ¥15,800

With its interesting two-tone design theme, Toggle Hotel is one of the more unique stays on our list, especially for Instagram lovers. This rainbow-colored hotel is located in Suidobashi, less than a 30-minute walk from the Imperial Palace. The entire hotel, every guest room and every hall, is split into two complementary colors for a rather fashionable look. Guests can grab breakfast in the café, which is decorated in a refreshing combination of green and white, allowing you to feel relaxed in your downtime before and after exploring Tokyo’s many streets. In addition to its focus on style, the hotel aims to be environmentally friendly and makes efforts to reduce unnecessary waste.

budget hotels tokyo

6. Toco. Guesthouse

From ¥13,200

For something on the rustic side, check out the incredibly popular Toco. Guesthouse, which is part of the same franchise as Nui. Hostel above. Guests looking for a little bit of history in the capital will love staying in this 100-plus-year-old traditional Japanese house, which has been renovated and reborn as one of Tokyo’s most in-demand hostels. Sit and enjoy the view of the traditional Japanese garden complete with koi pond while sipping a drink from the bar and chatting with people from around the world. In a city that’s constantly moving and changing, guests can experience the peace and charm of a location that’s been lovingly preserved. 

7. The Share Hotels Lyuro

From ¥3,800 (dorm) and ¥22,968 (queen room)

Right next to the Sumida River is a hotel with real community charm. The Share Hotel aims to coexist with local communities, and it promotes local events and local artists for guests to check out. At Lyuro, you can take in the magnificent views of the river, either from your room or the open deck, where you can enjoy a drink or even some delicious barbecue from Clann By The River, the restaurant attached to the hotel. The rooms are clean and bright, and the more budget-friendly dormitories are an attractive option for those watching their spending.

budget hotels tokyo

8. Asakusa Hotel Hatago

Asakusa Hotel Hatago, from which you can spy Tokyo Skytree, is yet another hotel offering views of the Sumida River. This hotel is perfectly located, giving you access to some of Tokyo’s biggest attractions, including Sensoji Temple and the surrounding area. The exterior exudes Japanese charm, while the interior keeps to the Japanese minimalist aesthetic, complete with tatami floors. One of the great bonuses of this location is that it’s a two-minute walk from a station with a direct line to Narita Airport, making it great for those keen to avoid dragging their luggage around the city.

budget hotels tokyo

9. Resol Poshtel Tokyo Asakusa

From ¥6,935

This funky capsule hotel is a fantastic option for those traveling light and cheap — and the best part is, you’re not compromising on quality. Though small, each Resol Poshtel sleeping capsule is decorated with Japanese artwork on the walls and ceilings, and a curtain ensures your privacy. In the case of groups traveling together, you can even rent out entire blocks. The lobby is crafted to encourage communication between guests, with a raised tatami platform inviting you to take a seat and unwind while getting to know fellow travelers. 

budget hotels tokyo

10. Kimi Ryokan

From ¥7,000

Last but not least, we have a Japanese ryokan (traditional inn): Ikebukuro’s Kimi Ryokan. This ryokan combines the new with the old, so during your visit, you’ll enjoy all the design charms of a traditional Japanese ryokan while also having modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi and computer facilities, at your disposal. Moreover, there are multilingual staff on hand to help you. Bedding consists of futons laid out on a tatami floor — trust us, it’s more comfortable than it sounds! Kimi Ryokan also has an on-site café serving a full menu, including Japanese staples like matcha tea, sweets and anko (red bean paste) on toast. 

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