Tokyo’s art scene is extensive and vibrant, and there’s always so much to see. Whether you want to see some traditional Japanese art or a modern exhibit, here’s a list of exhibitions happening in Tokyo that are worth checking out.

July Tokyo Art Events

'On Double-Dealings, Demos & Discontent' Exhibition

The exhibition "On double-dealings, demos & discontent" at Watowa Gallery features works about the notion of protest by the Japanese artist Sacco Fujishima and the Brazilian designer and social activist Pedro Inoue. The exhibition includes works on paper, paintings, sculpture, video installations and a live demonstration on the metaverse, fueled by social media and audience interaction with AI avatars.
Date & Time UNTIL Jul 15, 2024・12:00-19:00・Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Price Free
Location Watowa Gallery / The Box Tokyo

“Between Pixel and Particle” by Sander Wassink

Contrast is holding an exhibition titled “between pixel and particle” by Sander Wassink, a Dutch artist and designer based in Japan and the Netherlands. As Wassink lives in Japan and works primarily for European clients, his daily life unfolds largely within the digital realm—through pixels, screens, and virtual interactions. While this mode of existence has advantages, it has, over time, fostered a profound sense of disconnection from the tactile world that exists outside his studio. This exhibition arises from his quest to reconcile these two realms, softening the divide and addressing the alienation he has felt. The primary goal of the work is to push him away from my computer and towards engaging with the physical world. The exhibition invites visitors to contemplate the flow of energy that connects the dots between pixel and particle, digital and physical, isolation and interconnectedness. Each piece is a portal through which we might glimpse the foundational energies that animate both our world and the digital one. There will be an opening reception party on June 28 from 6 – 9 p.m.
Date & Time UNTIL Jul 14, 2024・13:00-20:00・Opens at 15:00 on weekdays
Price Free
Location Contrast

One's Room Exhibition

"One’s Room・おねの部屋" will be held at Datsuijo, an independent-run DIY space in Yanaka, Nippori. It features a collection of works by 20 international artists curated by Li Jingwen (Seibun) and Cleo Verstrepen. Exhibiting artists include Jackson Kaki and Niko Wu. Special events will be hosted every week, including a tattoo workshop on July 13 and a closing party on July 28.
Date & Time Jul 12, 2024-Jul 28, 2024・13:00-17:00・Closed Mon, Weds, Thurs
Price Free
Location Datsuijo
More Info Exact location will be provided to those who have made a reservation

August Tokyo Art Events

Fragments of the Future: Laboratory of Science and Design Exhibition

Design dreams of possible futures in this exhibition directed by engineer Shunji Yamanaka. Based around the theme of a more beautiful, surprising and engaging world, visitors can see prototypes, robots, and materials made by Yamanaka and others collaboratively. Showing what can emerge from combining design and scientific thinking, it asks, what could the materials of the future look like?
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 12, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Tuesdays
Price ¥1,400

Sense of Structure: From Horyuji Temple To The Universe Exhibition

Architects design buildings, but structural engineers make a building possible. "Sense of Structure" is a celebration of materials, knowledge, and creation — looking at how we're able to exist alongside nature, minimise natural disasters, and create masterpieces of architecture using structural design.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・11:00-18:00
Price ¥1,500
Location What Museum

Perfect Guide to Japanese Swords Exhibition Returns

Seikado Bunko Art Museum is bringing back Perfect Guide to Japanese Swords, a Japanese swords exhibit in their new premises in Marunouchi. The exhibition was a hit in the days when the museum was located in Okamoto, Setagaya city. It brings together nine swords from the museum’s collection that have been designated as national treasures and important cultural assets and provides the ideal introduction to the appreciation of Japanese swords, with a focus on the Kamakura Period.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・10:00-17:00・Closed on Mondays
Price ¥1,500
Location Seikado Bunko Art Museum

Amedeo Modigliani, “Reclining Nude with Hair Taken Down”, 1917, Osaka New Art Museum Construction Preparation Room Collection

Trio: Modern Art Collections from Paris, Tokyo and Osaka

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka have worked together to foster something truly unique. In a collaborative experiment, the three museums, which have cultivated their own distinct cultures, have selected works that share a commonality to showcase as a trio. With 34 trios from a wide range of mediums and backgrounds, the exhibition explores works from a lens of global interconnectedness and surprising similarities.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・10:00-17:00・Open until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
Price ¥2,200
Location The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

"Head Games"by Elizabeth Glaessner

Elizabeth Glaessner often begins a new painting with a pour of oil paint. As it pools on the surface of her canvases, it becomes something to which she can react; she pushes, spreads, layers, builds up, or wipes away paint to create mysteriously ethereal figures that consume her compositions. “Head Games,” an exhibition of fifteen of Glaessner’s small paintings alongside two of larger scale, demonstrates the strength and scope of her painterly aesthetic. Pictorialism, process, and performance converge in these works, revealing not only her facility with the oil medium but also how our perception of ourselves and others depends on a play of imagination and reality. Seldomly exhibited altogether, the small-scale paintings offer a survey of Glaessner’s particular process, and a glimpse inside her mind.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 31, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Mondays
Price Free
Location Perrotin Tokyo

September Tokyo Art Events

Black Beast, 1940. Sheet metal, bolts, and paint. 103" x 163" x 78 1/2". Photograph by Ken Adlard © Calder Foundation, New York.

Calder: Un Effet du Japonais Exhibition

"Calder: Un Effet du Japonais" explores the enduring resonance of the American modernist’s art with Japanese traditions and aesthetics. Curated by Alexander S. C. Rower, President of the Calder Foundation, New York, and organized in collaboration with Pace Gallery, the exhibition will comprise approximately 100 works from the collection of the Calder Foundation that span the 1930s to the 1970s, ranging from the artist’s signature mobiles, stabiles and standing mobiles to his oil paintings and works on paper.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 6, 2024・10:00-18:00・Fri, Sat: 19:00
Price ¥1,500
Traveling Peanuts

Ⓒ 2024 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Traveling Peanuts Exhibition

Held at the newly refurbished Snoopy Museum Tokyo, the "Traveling Peanuts" exhibition is showcasing original drawings by Charles M. Schulz that depict Snoopy and the Peanuts gang during their travels. There are more than 40 original comic strips borrowed from the Schulz Museum. "Traveling Peanuts" begins on February 1, when the Snoopy Museum Tokyo reopens after being closed for three weeks.  The museum now includes a new Snoopy Wonder Room, featuring various Snoopy goods, and a new light and video presentation in the popular Snoopy Room area, which is known for its approximately 8-meter-long giant statue of  Schulz's most famous character.  The museum's shop, Brown's Store, meanwhile, has added various items that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Adjacent to the museum is the Peanuts Cafe, which now includes terrace seating and a new grand menu. 
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 1, 2024・10:00-18:00・Open until 20:00 between February 1 and 4, 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Closed on February 20.
Price Advance Ticket ¥1,800 | On the Day ¥2,000
Location Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Photo by Chris Strong

Afro Mingei: Theaster Gates Solo Exhibition

While Black histories remain relatively little known among the Japanese public, this exhibition demonstrates its growing attention to Black art through the multidimensional practice of Theaster Gates. "Afro-Mingei" will convey the importance of contemporary art that honors craft, ask us to consider questions of race and politics, and celebrate the hybrid possibilities of culture.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 1, 2024・10:00-22:00・Closes at 17:00 on Tuesday except Aug 13 (22:00) | Admission 30 mins before closing
Price ¥2000

Toulouse-Lautrec, Elegance of the Master of the Belle Époque Exhibition

This exhibition introduces about 240 graphic works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the famous artist of French fin-de-siècle, from the Firos Collection, one of the finest private collections of Lautrec in the world. The most unique quality of the Firos Collection is its focus on drawings. This exhibition introduces works that help visitors understand the artist and his art, such as lithographs, posters, and illustrations. It also includes magazines and books where Lautrec was involved in creating designs, as well as letters from Lautrec and photos of the artist taken by his peers.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 23, 2024・10:00-18:00・Closed on Mondays and National Holidays
Price ¥1,800
Location Sompo Museum of Art

Rei Naito: come and live - go and live

This exhibition was first conceived when Rei Naito encountered the Tokyo National Museum’s collection and architecture. She discovered a human soul that resonated with her own creativity in the clay objects of the Jōmon period. This feeling was born out of prehistoric people’s awe towards nature, in which Naito found “compassion permeating inside and outside of life.” The exhibition spaces, illuminated by natural light, evoke the realms of life and death, as well as the intimate harmony that endured between humans and nature as well as humans and other living beings. Through this exhibition, you're invited to experience the spirituality and creative power that connect us with the people of ancient times.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 23, 2024・09:30-17:00・Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Price ¥1,500 | University Students ¥1,000 | Free for high school students and under
Location Tokyo National Museum

Takada Kenzo Event

Takada Kenzo: Chasing Dreams

Takada Kenzo was one of the first Japanese fashion designers to become established in Paris, where his highly original ideas resulted in the successive creation of countless looks that redefined fashion. Takada’s designs effortlessly transcended national boundaries, culture and gender to suggest a new style of clothing that was not dictated by the existing Eurocentric cultural tradition. Even today, his designs are still loved all over the world. This exhibition is the first large-scale solo exhibition since Takada Kenzo’s tragic death in 2020 and will showcase his garments to reveal how Takada’s designs changed over the years. Also included in the exhibition are his paintings which he first began creating as a young child, the reference materials which inspired his ideas, as well as his fashion design sketches. Kenzo's career will be presented from a number of different perspectives to enable visitors to reflect on the lifelong creative career of Takada Kenzo, the pioneering Japanese designer who made the world his stage.

Takada Kenzo Event Details and Location

Date & Time UNTIL Sep 12, 2024・11:00-19:00
Price Adults ¥1400, University and high school students ¥800, free for junior high schoolers and under
Location Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Frontiers of Impressionism: Paintings from the Worcester Art Museum

To commemorate the 150th year since The First Impressionist Exhibition was held in Paris, the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is holding “Frontiers of Impressionism: Paintings from the Worcester Art Museum.” Organized by the Worcester Art Museum, this exhibition follows the birth of impressionism as a groundbreaking force upending the established conventions of Western art and further, its influence and impact across Europe and the US, with a focus more specifically on the artists and the art world of America. The vast majority of the works on display have never been shown in Japan before and are drawn almost exclusively from the Worcester Art Museum collection. It includes pieces by such French titans as Monet and Renoir, impressionists of Germany and Scandinavia, together with American expatriate painter John Singer Sargent and the iconic Childe Hassam.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 29, 2024・10:00-17:00・Closed on Mondays
Price ¥1,500
Location Tokyo Fuji Museum

Well-Being for Human and Nature Exhibit

This immersive media art exhibit questions what a coexistence between humans, nature and technology looks like.

Humans x Plants x AR = ?​ Humans x Animals x AI = ?​ Humans x Birds x VR = ?​ Humans x Insects x Drones = ? ...​ Me x Nature x Technology = ??​

In the technological art space of SusHi Tech Square, explore the works of innovative creators and consider how we can better interact with advancing technology and nature.

Date & Time UNTIL Sep 23, 2024・11:00-21:00・10:00-19:00 on weekends
Price Free
Location SusHi Tech Square 1F

November Tokyo Art Events

A Personal View of Japanese Contemporary Art: Takahashi Ryutaro Collection

A Reputed Takahashi Ryutaro Collection

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) presents the exhibition “A Personal View of Japanese Contemporary Art: Takahashi Ryutaro Collection." Comprising over 3,500 items, the Takahashi Ryutaro Collection is reputed as one of the most important collections of Japanese contemporary art in terms of both quality and quantity. A showcase of outstanding works by artists with a highly critical mindset, this exhibition explores the state of contemporary Japan from the specific viewpoint of a 1946-born art collector.

"A Personal View of Japanese Contemporary Art" Event Details and Location

Date & Time Aug 3, 2024-Nov 10, 2024・10:00-18:00・Closed on Mondays
Price ¥2,100
Location Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

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