Celebrating 10 Years of Tokyo Ghoul

The “Tokyo Ghoul Anime 10th Anniversary Project” has just been announced and it’s taking the form of an immersive exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s been 10 years since the anime was first launched and Tokyo Ghoul still looks as good as ever. Explore the beautiful and the sad within a dystopian Tokyo filled with ghouls. The exhibition takes the form of three-dimension exhibits and interactive experiences. This dark and thrilling world is one fans should not miss.

Exclusive Merchandise

Exhibition visitors will receive a special lenticular card featuring some of the main cast (while stocks last). The visual on these cards will change depending on the angle you hold them, showing both the human side and the ghoul side of each character. Further details on merch will be revealed at a later date. However, those who purchase admission tickets with made-to-order goods will be able to obtain a pin set with original illustrations and an acrylic diorama of the Tokyo Ghoul EX key visual.

Tokyo Ghoul EX Exhibition Details and Location