With so many exhibitions constantly happening in Tokyo, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect art exhibit when you have an afternoon to spare. Thankfully, we have you covered. Check out one of many of these beautiful, heartwarming and thought-provoking art exhibitions for a lovely outing by yourself or with a loved one.

Tokyo Exhibitions in May

Shin Sekai Exhibition by SOMA Collective

SOMA Collective is proud to present "Shin Sekai," an innovative exhibition featuring the works of five French artists: Polygon 1993, Lighton, Lukas, Louis Dazy and Oelhan. Held across four galleries in Tokyo — UltraSuperNew Gallery, SomSoc Gallery, Courtyard Hiroo and Nox Gallery — "Shin Sekai" heralds a new era in artistic exploration, where the boundaries between physical and digital realms blur, and a new paradigm emerges. There will be an opening reception on April 26, from 7p.m. at UltraSuperNew Gallery.
Date & Time UNTIL May 4, 2024・11:00-
Price Free
Location UltraSuperNew Gallery

The Irises Screen: A National Treasure Exhibition

A world-famous piece of Japanese art, Irises by Ogata Korin (1658-1716) is a national treasure, regarded as masterful painting and design. The fragility of these paired golden screens, held at the Nezu Museum, means they are only on display once a year. The ticket price includes access to the Museum and its stunning gardens, so don't forget to catch the Kakitsubata pond irises outside afterwards.
Date & Time UNTIL May 12, 2024・10:00-17:00・Closed on Mondays (except April 29 and May 6), closed May 7
Price ¥1,500 (General Entry to Museum)
Location Nezu Museum

Sense of Structure: From Horyuji Temple To The Universe Exhibition

Architects design buildings, but structural engineers make a building possible. "Sense of Structure" is a celebration of materials, knowledge, and creation — looking at how we're able to exist alongside nature, minimise natural disasters, and create masterpieces of architecture using structural design.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・11:00-18:00
Price ¥1,500
Location What Museum

Animals, Animals, Animals! Exhibition

The city of Tokyo expanded into a sprawling metropolis during the Edo period, around 400 years ago. This exhibition asks: "How did these Tokyoites interact with animals?" A deep dive of all things feathered and furry, 240 works have been selected from the Edo Tokyo Museum collections. The 100 Animal Views From the Edo-Tokyo Museum Collection showcases a diverse representation of animals through picture scrolls, ukiyo-e prints, and folk toys.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 23, 2024・10:00-18:00・Closed on Mondays (except April 29, May 6, June 17)
Price ¥1,300
Location Tokyo Station Gallery
More Info Exhibits will change between the first exhibition period (April 27 - May 26) and second (May 28 - June 23)

Little Puddles: Exhibition by Matthew Brandt at Gallery Common

For his first-ever solo exhibition, American artist Matthew Brandt will be holding "Little Puddles" at Gallery Common. The exhibition will present experimental photographic works, incorporating unexpected materials and techniques, challenging the limits of photography through the fluid practice of these "little puddles."
Date & Time UNTIL May 5, 2024・12:00-19:00
Price Free
Location Gallery COMMON
shueisha manga lottery new bleach art

"BLEACH / Returns" ©2024, Tite Kubo / Shueisha Inc. All rights reserved.

Bleach / Black, Blank & Bleed: Tite Kubo Exhibition at Azabudai Hills

A total of 10 new Bleach artworks created in 2024 are exhibited at at the Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage Gallery in Azabudai Hills from March 8 to May 6. The prints in the Bleach exhibition are divided into two categories: the “Real Color Collection” and “The Press,” a monochrome series. In the color collection there are images of Ichigo and friends dressed in kimono, Ichigo and members of the Gotei 13 squads, as well as the Arrancar villains. For the Gotei 13 image, they are dressed in Japanese delinquent-like outfits, while one image of the Arrancars shows them in corresponding white outfits. The monochrome prints show special art from the manga. This is rare opportunity to see high-quality Bleach artwork selected by the manga artist himself, as well as purchase one of the very limited hand-signed prints.
Date & Time UNTIL May 6, 2024・11:00-20:00・Closed on Mondays
Price Free
Location Azabudai Hills

Alice in Wonderland 160th Anniversary Exhibition

Over 160 years ago, in 1862, a man named Charles Lutwidge Dodson improvised a story to tell to his friend's children one afternoon during a long journey rowing up the river Isis in Oxford. Taking up the pen name Lewis Carroll, Dodson's afternoon tale was eventually written up into a manuscript that would become Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. To mark the 160th anniversary of this legendary book, approximately 250 original drawings from the archives of British Macmillan will be exhibited for the first time in Japan.
Date & Time UNTIL May 6, 2024・10:00-18:30・Closes at 16:30 on the last day
Price Advance tickets from ¥1,000
Location Yokohama Takashimaya Gallery
More Info Free for junior high school students and under

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Anime Exhibition

Based on the popular anime Frieren, a special exhibition entitled Anime Sousou no Frieren – The Story Begins After the Adventure Ends” is scheduled to take place at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City starting in late April. Famous scenes from the show will be recreated, alongside special video productions and photo opportunities with popular characters.
Date & Time UNTIL May 12, 2024・10:00-22:00
Price Advance tickets from ¥1,800
Location Sunshine City Exhibition Hall C
More Info Discounts available for elementary school students

Universal / Remote Exhibition

This March, the National Art Center, Tokyo will be hosting an exhibition entitled "Universal / Remote." This exhibition seeks to examine the various phenomena through contemporary art, such as the way we live and work within it and the state of society in the years following the pandemic. Eight solo artists and one artistic collective have come together to explore traditional themes in contemporary art, such as global capitalism and the digitalization of society. Featuring art from all of the world, from Asia to Scandinavia – including some works never before seen in Japan – viewers are invited to decipher post-pandemic society and the state of the individual.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 3, 2024・10:00-18:00・Last entry 30 minutes before closing
Price Tickets from ¥1,500. Discounts available for students.
Location The National Art Center
More Info Closed on Tuesdays

MUCA Icons of Urban Art Exhibition

One of the largest museums of urban art in Europe, the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), is bringing its collection to Japan for the first time this spring. With over 60 incredibly valuable works, including a sculptural piece by Banksy, pieces by French street artist Invader, American artist Shepard Fairey and many more, the exhibition will include career-defining works by internationally renown artists.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 2, 2024・10:00-19:00・10:00-20:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and days before holidays
Price Tickets from ¥2,400
Location Mori Arts Center Gallery
More Info Discounts available for students
Traveling Peanuts

Ⓒ 2024 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Traveling Peanuts Exhibition

Held at the newly refurbished Snoopy Museum Tokyo, the "Traveling Peanuts" exhibition is showcasing original drawings by Charles M. Schulz that depict Snoopy and the Peanuts gang during their travels. There are more than 40 original comic strips borrowed from the Schulz Museum. "Traveling Peanuts" begins on February 1, when the Snoopy Museum Tokyo reopens after being closed for three weeks.  The museum now includes a new Snoopy Wonder Room, featuring various Snoopy goods, and a new light and video presentation in the popular Snoopy Room area, which is known for its approximately 8-meter-long giant statue of  Schulz's most famous character.  The museum's shop, Brown's Store, meanwhile, has added various items that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Adjacent to the museum is the Peanuts Cafe, which now includes terrace seating and a new grand menu. 
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 1, 2024・10:00-18:00・Open until 20:00 between February 1 and 4, 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Closed on February 20.
Price Advance Ticket ¥1,800 | On the Day ¥2,000
Location Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Fragments of the Future: Laboratory of Science and Design Exhibition

Design dreams of possible futures in this exhibition directed by engineer Shunji Yamanaka. Based around the theme of a more beautiful, surprising and engaging world, visitors can see prototypes, robots, and materials made by Yamanaka and others collaboratively. Showing what can emerge from combining design and scientific thinking, it asks, what could the materials of the future look like?
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 12, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Tuesdays
Price ¥1,400

Henkei Exhibition by Francisco Narciso

"Henkei" by Francisco Narciso is an exhibition that explores the ever-present drive for transformation, modification, and the pursuit of individual excellence. Each image in Henkei embodies the transformative journey towards one’s ultimate and most authentic self. These photographs resonate with the relentless pursuit of personal growth and the exploration of what makes us extraordinary. There will be an opening reception on May 10, from 710 p.m.
Date & Time UNTIL May 22, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Price Free
Location UltraSuperNew Gallery

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