A total of 10 new Bleach artworks created in 2024 are exhibited at at the Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage Gallery in Azabudai Hills from March 8 to May 6.

The prints in the Bleach exhibition are divided into two categories: the “Real Color Collection” and “The Press,” a monochrome series. In the color collection there are images of Ichigo and friends dressed in kimono, Ichigo and members of the Gotei 13 squads, as well as the Arrancar villains. For the Gotei 13 image, they are dressed in Japanese delinquent-like outfits, while one image of the Arrancars shows them in corresponding white outfits. The monochrome prints show special art from the manga.

This is rare opportunity to see high-quality Bleach artwork selected by the manga artist himself, as well as purchase one of the very limited hand-signed prints.