Celebrating Okinawan Culture in Tokyo

Nakano Chanpuru Festa returns for its 20th annual summer festival centered around the Okinawan Eisa dance.

Since the opening of the Nakano Ward Okinawa Local House in 1970, Nakano has been home to many Okinawan people. The Chanpuru Festa is an opportunity to try Okinawan food, see Eisa dance, listen to sanshin music and interact with the Okinawan community in Tokyo.

The 20th Nakano Chanpuru Festa will be held throughout two days, July 13th and July 14th.

Performances will be held at at Ashibinaa Stage and Chimudondon Stage inside Shiki no Mori Park, and Haisai Stage near Nakano Station’s north exit plaza.

The Michi Junee parade will take place along Showa Shinmichi and Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street which stretches straight from Nakano Station’s north exit to Nakano Broadway.

Traditional Eisa dance troupes will be performing, along with taiko drummers, hula dancers and other featured artists.

You can also experience playing the sanshin in a 30-minute lesson with Norio Irie, learn sanshin and ryuku dance with Ryukyu Studio CanDokoro, and participate in an Eisa workshop hosted by Tokyo Okinawa Prefectural Association Youth Division. 

Nakano Chanpuru Festa Details and Location