Celebrate Brazilian and Latino Culture, Food, and Music

The 17th annual Festival Brazil & Latino is coming to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya to celebrate the music, culture and gastronomy of Brazil and Latin America. The festival is the biggest Brazilian event in Japan, according to organizers, and is also known as Brazil Day Tokyo. The event is hosted by Câmara de Comércio Brasileira no Japão (Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Japan) and is free to attend.

Get to know some of the best and most iconic foods that Brazil has to offer. Try a taste of churrasco Brazilian barbeque, coxinha fried chicken croquettes, feijoada black bean and pork stew and more.

Dance to the samba beat and try a coquetel de cachaça (Brazilian sugar cane white rum cocktail) from various vendors. Then vote for your favorite drink at the Grand Prix de Coquetel de Cachaça.

Join the capoeira circle and learn more about this Afro-Brazilian martial art through workshops and performances all weekend.

Singer, composer and actor Eduardo Smith de Vasconcellos Suplicy, more commonly known as Supla, is a featured guest of Festival Brazil & Latino. Supla is coming to Tokyo all the way from São Paulo just for the festival.

Japan has the second biggest Brazilian community outside of Brazil. And Brazil has the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan. Come see the blending and interaction of cultures in Tokyo.

Festival Brazil & Latino 2024 Details and Location