Japanese virtual singer KAF is set to hold her first arena solo show on January 14, 2023, at the famous Yoyogi National Gymnasium. It’s a milestone for the boundary-pushing artist, and also a major moment in the history of virtual singers.
The historic show, titled Kamitsubaki Yoyogi Wars 2024, follows a productive 2023 for KAF, who celebrated her fifth anniversary in the fall. She looks to start 2024 off with her biggest show to date, with the January 14 concert putting the trailblazing virtual singer into the spotlight alongside an assortment of guests who have played a role in her story to this point. The latest name announced is virtual YouTuber and dynamic musician in her own right Mori Calliope, a leading artist in the VTuber space who has contributed songs to the One Piece and Metal Gear Solid franchises. Other confirmed guests include voice actor Ayane Sakura, electronic artist Hakushi Hasegawa and more.