Tokyo is alive every day of the week. There’s always something to see or do, whether it’s an exhibition, a live music gig, a pop-up shop or a seasonal limited edition item to try. We’ve rounded up some recommendations for the best things to do in Tokyo this month.

Tokyo Festivals and Outdoor Events

Mode 2024

Mode (stylized as MODE), the experimental music festival, is returning to Tokyo. The program invites a stellar range of international and domestic artists, including Incapacitants, Puce Mary, Okkyung Lee and Valentina Magaletti. The program includes both live events and also experiences, such as a sound ceremony, hosted by the infamous manager of Golden Gai's noise listening bar, that includes tea and Japanese snacks. The DDD Hotel in Bakuroyokoyama will host a pop-up shop throughout the duration of the festival, featuring records selected by Mashiko-based record shop Art into Life and more.
Date & Time Jun 1, 2024・17:30-・Doors open 17:00
Price ¥5,000
Location Sogetsu Hall, various
More Info Venues, times & prices vary, see website for details

Kawaguchiko Lavender Herb Festival

The Kawaguchiko Herb Festival is held during the region's lavender blooming season. Though the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji with a purple expanse of lavender in the foreground is worthy of a visit in and of itself, visitors can also partake in a variety of activities. Enjoy the various tents and craft markets in Oishi Park and Yagisaki Park, including souvenirs from the town of Fuji-Kawaguchiko.
Date & Time Jun 22, 2024-Jul 15, 2024・09:00-
Price Free
Location Oishi Park

Photo by zu_kuni via Shutterstock

The 40th Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival

Around 3,000 hydrangeas will be in full bloom throughout June in the Hakusan Shrine and park area. With festival food stalls, an omikoshi procession, concerts and, of course, hydrangeas, there will be plenty to do and see.
Date & Time Jun 8, 2024-Jun 16, 2024・10:00-
Price Free
Location Hakusan Shrine

Alice's Blooming Carnival at Keisei Rose Garden

The Keisei Rose Garden turns into a rose theme park from mid-April to mid-June. It's the largest rose garden in the Kanto area, with 1,600 varieties of stunning roses, and it transforms into a true wonderland this time of year. A mid-day parade makes the park truly feel like an amusement park, and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・09:00-18:00
Price ¥1,800
Location Keisei Rose Garden

Hibiya Music Festival 2024

A "free and borderless" music event, the Hibiya Music Festival returns this June, bringing live performances by top artists to Hibiya Park and Tokyo Hibiya Midtown. The event will feature performances from artists such as Alie The Shota, Maika Loubté, The Music Park Orchestra and many more over the course of the weekend.


Hibiya Park

Date & Time Jun 8, 2024-Jun 9, 2024・10:00-21:00
Price Free
More Info Some performances may require paid-for tickets. See website for further details.

Tokyo Live Music and Community Events

Haus Von Schwarz Presents: Fresh Meat #7

Join Haus Von Schwarz for another evening of spectacular Tokyo drag. Performers include Stefani St. Sl*t, Langley Chi Chi, Julia Your Makeup is Terrible, Angel Heart, Le Horla and many more amazing local queens.
Date & Time Jun 28, 2024・20:00-22:00・Doors open 19:00
Price ¥2,500
Location Silkroad Cafe

Sound of Dawn

From Saturday, June 15 to Sunday, June 30, Sony Park Mini, Sony's experimental pop-up space, will present "Sound of Dawn," a sound installation by composer/artist Shinji Wakasa. The installation depicts the transition from the depth of late-night darkness to the first light of dawn, utilizing compositions from Wakasa's latest album "DAWN."As the night deepens, passing through the cosmos-like darkness, the sky awakens, giving birth to the morning.  To enhance the immersive experience, Sony's "Active Slate" technology is installed in the benches, paired with 12 speakers to create a three-dimensional soundscape with vibrations that match the gradations of sound. This unique dawn experience, a collaboration between Sony and the artist, can only be felt here.
Date & Time Jun 15, 2024-Jun 30, 2024・11:00-19:00
Price Free
Location Sony Park Mini

More Tokyo Music Live: Electro Pop & Soul

In the heart of Shimokitazawa, the hub of Tokyo's live music, More Than Music are hosting a regular "More Tokyo Music" event. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of music every Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm. With carefully curated live performances, each week offers a unique sonic journey that spans genres and captivates all tastes. This week's lineup includes Lottalove band (Electro-pop).
Date & Time Jun 19, 2024・19:00-23:00
Price Admission ¥3,500 | Free for MTM Members (sign up for MTM membership)
Location Shimokitazawa Breath

More Tokyo Music Live: Singer - Song writter

In the heart of Shimokitazawa, the hub of Tokyo's live music, More Than Music are hosting a regular "More Tokyo Music" event. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of music every Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm. With carefully curated live performances, each week offers a unique sonic journey that spans genres and captivates all tastes. This week's lineup includes VoCo (indie-pop, jpop, and R&B), and Kev Gray and The Gravy Train (original blues).
Date & Time Jun 5, 2024・19:00-23:00
Price Admission ¥3,500 | Free for MTM Members (sign up for MTM membership)
Location Shimokitazawa Breath

More Tokyo Music Live: Alternative Rock & RnB

In the heart of Shimokitazawa, the hub of Tokyo's live music, More Than Music are hosting a regular "More Tokyo Music" event. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of music every Wednesday from 7 pm to 11 pm. With carefully curated live performances, each week offers a unique sonic journey that spans genres and captivates all tastes. This week is their Indie Rock night. The lineup includes Post NC (alternative and RnB band from Las Vegas), The Veldt (alternative soul and shoegaze), Shuhari (shoegaze)
Date & Time Jun 12, 2024・19:00-23:00
Price Admission ¥3,500 | Free for MTM Members
Location Shimokitazawa Breath

More Tokyo Music Live: Alternative Rock

In the heart of Shimokitazawa, the hub of Tokyo's live music, More Than Music are hosting a regular "More Tokyo Music" event. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of music every Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm. With carefully curated live performances, each week offers a unique sonic journey that spans genres and captivates all tastes. This week's lineup includes 藻の月 (Monotsuki) and Robert Taira Wilson.
Date & Time Jun 26, 2024・19:00-23:00
Price Admission ¥3,500 | Free for MTM Members (sign up for MTM membership)
Location Shimokitazawa Breath

New Jeans x Supernatural Pop-Up

Global k-pop hit NewJeans will have their very own pop-up store in Shibuya to celebrate their third single "Supernatural". At the pop-up, fans can pick up exclusive merch and items from their collaboration with Takashi Murakami and Fujiwara Hiroshi.
Date & Time Jun 26, 2024-Jul 15, 2024・10:00-
Price Free

BnA_Wall 3rd Anniversary Party

BnA_Wall, the art hotel which includes works by artists such as Yoshirotten, Bien and Magma, hosts its third anniversary party with a range of musical guests over two days in June. Guests include DJs Yuki Kawamura and Thom Yorko while live comes from artists like Kaoruko. There will also be food and a live art mural.
Date & Time Jun 15, 2024-Jun 16, 2024・17:00-23:00・Starts 16:00 on Sunday
Price Free
Location BnA_Wall

Tokyo Love Hotels #GrowInTheDark

Tokyo Love Hotels is bringing together yet another event, this one on June 1 at Hven in Nakameguro! The theme will be botanical garden fantasy, featuring flower arrangements, digital immersive artwork, ikebana pole dancing and much more.
Date & Time Jun 1, 2024・21:00-04:00
Price ¥2,500
Location Hven

Manhattan Portage presents Body&Soul Live in Japan 2024

Body&Soul is a pioneering party that is known across the house music scene. It features three iconic New York DJs: Francois K., Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell. They are all known for their unique talents and open-minded soundscapes. The event is characterized by its inclusivity, with performers and staff coming from various backgrounds. The audience shares a deep love for music, creating a space brimming with friendship. Body&Soul retains the beauty of past parties, allowing attendees to discover values of great importance.
Date & Time Jun 23, 2024・12:00-21:00
Price ¥8,500
Location Kiranah Garden Toyosu

Showa Kayo Night

Showa Kayo Night is returning to Shibuya with a regular monthly event for the first time since 2020, now on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the fabulous Or Miyashita Park 3F. They play the best Japanese oldies from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and have become an old-time classic event. Whether a veteran Showa Kayo Night-er or new recruit, everyone is welcome to join in to dance, drink and get groovy all over again. Celebrating 10 years of events, join what is sure to be another decade of decadent dancing in the heart of Shibuya. See you there!
Date & Time Jun 20, 2024・18:00-23:30
Price ¥500
Location Or Miyashita Park

Spotify O-East: Manuka Honey Collab with Neol Magazine

London-based musician and a professional astrologer Manuka Honey is set to make her Japan debut at Spotify O-East 3F. She will be joined by Mayudepth, Mars89 (Nocturnal Technology) and Tei Tei, the force behind the psytrance and techno rave-inspired party, Denki Bodhisattva. Meleetime, organiser of the queer party Fetch, has curated the line-up for Azumaya that includes Basirino, DIV☆, Elena Midori and Sonia Lagoon. The night is a collaboration with  Neol, an online magazine from Tokyo that publishes articles on fashion, art and culture. There will be “Neol Lounge” where you can check out clothes from Dense, nail art by Yuna, and a temporary tattoo booth by Erika.
Date & Time Jun 7, 2024・22:00-
Price ¥2000 ADV
Location Spotify O-East
More Info ¥3000 OTD

Stageplay Japan: Romeo and Juliet

Experience the timeless tale of love and tragedy with William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, presented by Stageplay Japan. Directed by Greg Dale, this captivating performance will be presented in English with Japanese subtitles, ensuring accessibility for all audiences. Featuring a talented cast including Brandon Francis as Romeo, Paula Berwanger as Juliet, and Jacqueline Roussety in the roles of Nurse, Prince, and Chorus, among others. Don't miss out on this unforgettable rendition of Romeo and Juliet as it tours through Tokyo and beyond.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 4, 2024・19:30-22:00
Price from ¥3,000
Location Shibuya Cultural Center Owada

Anime and Manga Events

Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary Pop-Up at Loft Stores

Celebrate one of Japan's best loved monster franchises with a pop-up store commemorating its 25th anniversary. Held exclusively at Loft stores located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, this pop-up will be selling a variety of goods featuring new illustrations of the original DigiDestined. For every ¥2,000 spent on merchandise, fans will also get a bonus postcard chosen at random.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・10:00-21:00
Price Free
Location Tokyo Ikebukuro Loft

oshi no ko pop up store tokyo

Oshi no Ko "Noir Themed" Pop-Up Store

The hit manga Oshi no Ko by Aka Akasaka gets its own pop-up shop in Shibuya. Expect a large line-up of goods featuring B Komachi's Ai Hoshino, Kana Arima and MEMcho dressed up in unique costumes under the theme of "Noir"! For every ¥5,500 spent on eligible products, customers will receive one of three types of illustration cards, randomly chosen, as a gift.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・11:00-19:00
Price Free
Location Tokyo Anime Center

Pokemon x Tokyo Skytree Collaboration

Experience the Pokemon anime from up above in this first-ever collaboration with Tokyo Skytree. Officially titled "Pokemon and the Blue Sky Skytree ~ Shining Memories of You and Pokemon~" this event will feature a variety of decorations with characters from the Pokemon anime. Expect exciting photo spots and exclusive merchandise including Roy, Dot, Liko and their starter Pokemon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.
Date & Time Jun 25, 2024-Sep 24, 2024・10:00-21:00
Price Free
Location Tokyo Skytree

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Door into a New Era × Chugai Grace Cafe

Japan's most popular mobile game gets a brand new movie and cafe collaboration! At the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - Door to a New Era x Chugai Grace Cafe event, fans will get to savor food and drinks inspired by the seven key Uma Musume characters from the film. Customers who order from the collaboration menu will also receive a surprise novelty gift! Every ¥3,000 spent on merch will also give you one of seven illustration cards, chosen at random.
Date & Time Jun 21, 2024-Jul 7, 2024・11:10-19:50
Location Chugai Grace Cafe

One Piece x Keio Plaza Hotel Sweets Buffet

Indulge in a girls party sweets buffet themed after the world's most popular anime and manga, One Piece! The buffet will include cute desserts based on female characters from the series such as Nami, Robin, Vivi, Shirahoshi and Rebecca. Expect Vivi's favorite curry potatoes, Robin's flower sandwich, Nami's mandarin orange tart and more.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 30, 2024・15:00-17:30
Price ¥6,000
Location Keio Plaza Hotel

naruto pop up

Naruto Cafe Pop-Up

Naruto is back in a delicious way. Visit the Animate Cafe Stand Ikebukuro No.4 for a limited time pop up collaboration between the anime merch store and Naruto Shippuden. Expect delicious desserts featuring the tailed beasts Kurama and Shukaku as well as a drink menu inspired by Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Itachi, Deidara and Sasori. As a bonus for the fans, each item ordered off the collaboration menu will come with a randomized character coaster featuring the event illustration.  
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 24, 2024・11:00-20:00
Price Free
Location Animate Cafe Ikebukuro 4 Shop
More Info Located at the Cafe Stand in the Animate Ikebukuro No. 4 store

Tokyo Exhibitions and Art Shows

Poul Kjærholm: Timeless Minimalism

This exhibition features one of the greatest furniture designers of 20th century Denmark, Poul Kjærholm (1929–1980). Mid-century Scandinavian furniture is often characterized by warm wood tones. The works of Kjærholm, in comparison, stand out due to his preference for combining hard materials such as stone and metal, a choice that was unusual in his time. But the rigid profiles never give off a cold impression; instead, they evoke a subtle tension in the space. Kjærholm’s timeless clean lines and minimalist beauty resonate with Japanese architecture, garnering continued support among Japanese design enthusiasts. The exhibition will showcase a collection primarily curated from the extensive research and chair collection of Professor Noritsugu Oda (an honorary professor at Tokai University). It will be the first of its kind in Japan to exhibit Kjærholm’s most influential works. With the cooperation of Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido, home to the Oda Collection, it will introduce approximately 50 pieces of furniture and related documents. Kjærholm’s design philosophy and refined aesthetics of the furniture will be presented meticulously in an exhibition space designed by spirited architect Tsuyoshi Tane.
Date & Time Jun 29, 2024-Sep 16, 2024・10:00-18:00・ Closed on Wednesdays (Except for September 11) and during August 13-16
Price ¥1,200
Location Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

Undiscovered Exhibition + Live Drawing

Erika Kasuga’s solo exhibition, “Undiscovered” surrounds themes of evolution, birth, and the simultaneous experience of life and death. This exhibit vibrantly explores the ever-changing tapestry of life through imaginary/undiscovered creatures and landscapes. Inspired by prehistoric cave paintings and ceremonial art, her pen, paint, and digital works manifest a spontaneous universe teeming with whimsical beings. Each creature, each line, each splash of color symbolizes the interconnected dance of life, death, and rebirth, both in nature and within her own artistic journey. The artist will host a live drawing on Sunday, June 2nd.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 2, 2024・11:00-19:00・Live drawing will be held on closing day. Closing day hours 11:00am ~ 5:00pm
Price Free
Location Hiroshige Gallery

Toulouse-Lautrec, Elegance of the Master of the Belle Époque Exhibition

This exhibition introduces about 240 graphic works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, the famous artist of French fin-de-siècle, from the Firos Collection, one of the finest private collections of Lautrec in the world. The most unique quality of the Firos Collection is its focus on drawings. This exhibition introduces works that help visitors understand the artist and his art, such as lithographs, posters, and illustrations. It also includes magazines and books where Lautrec was involved in creating designs, as well as letters from Lautrec and photos of the artist taken by his peers.
Date & Time Jun 22, 2024-Sep 23, 2024・10:00-18:00・Closed on Mondays and National Holidays
Price ¥1,800
Location Sompo Museum of Art

Amazing Edo Tokyo: Treasures of Tokyo for Tomorrow

Held at Seiko House in Ginza, this exhibition is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Edo Tokyo Kirari Project. It will display and sell the works of selected businesses who are refining Japanese traditional handicraft skills and ideas from new perspectives so that they can be passed on to the future. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view and purchase traditional craft products which have refined traditional techniques with a modern twist.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closes at 17:00 on the last day
Price Free
Location Seiko House

'On Double-Dealings, Demos & Discontent' Exhibition

The exhibition "On double-dealings, demos & discontent" at Watowa Gallery features works about the notion of protest by the Japanese artist Sacco Fujishima and the Brazilian designer and social activist Pedro Inoue. The exhibition includes works on paper, paintings, sculpture, video installations and a live demonstration on the metaverse, fueled by social media and audience interaction with AI avatars.
Date & Time UNTIL Jul 15, 2024・12:00-19:00・Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Price Free
Location Watowa Gallery / The Box Tokyo

Sashiko stitched tabi socks, c. 1940. Japan Folk Art Museum collection. Photo: Yuki Ogawa

Mingei: The Beauty of Everyday Things

The term “mingei” (folk craft) celebrates the charm to be found in everyday hand-made objects. Coined by designer-philosopher Soetsu Yanagi in 1926, mingei believes that a beautiful life can begin with the objects we use day-to-day. Craft meets philosophy in this visual feast of interior inspiration which brings together over 100 items of clothing, furniture and homewares, including a “future mingei style” room presented by “Mogi” duo Terry Ellis and Keiko Kitamura, owners of Mogi Folk Art in Koenji.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 30, 2024・10:00-18:00・Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Price ¥1,700
Location Setagaya Art Museum

Amedeo Modigliani, “Reclining Nude with Hair Taken Down”, 1917, Osaka New Art Museum Construction Preparation Room Collection

Trio: Modern Art Collections from Paris, Tokyo and Osaka

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka have worked together to foster something truly unique. In a collaborative experiment, the three museums, which have cultivated their own distinct cultures, have selected works that share a commonality to showcase as a trio. With 34 trios from a wide range of mediums and backgrounds, the exhibition explores works from a lens of global interconnectedness and surprising similarities.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・10:00-17:00・Open until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
Price ¥2,200
Location The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Overland_Spillover#1 Exhibition

Based on the phenomenon of "spillover," this exhibition will continue as an ongoing program. The first iteration, "Overland_Spillover#1" will feature one solo artist, one collaborative unit, and one platform: Shuhei Hayashi, MES (Takeru Arai and Kanae Tanikawa), and FAQ? (a platform by Tanikawa and Marina Lisa Komiya).  “Overland” is to be interpreted as the title of the first episode of this project. Exhibition teaser trailer.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 16, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Tuesdays | Open until 20:00 Wednesdays
Price Free
Location Bug

Photo by Chris Strong

Afro Mingei: Theaster Gates Solo Exhibition

While Black histories remain relatively little known among the Japanese public, this exhibition demonstrates its growing attention to Black art through the multidimensional practice of Theaster Gates. "Afro-Mingei" will convey the importance of contemporary art that honors craft, ask us to consider questions of race and politics, and celebrate the hybrid possibilities of culture.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 1, 2024・10:00-22:00・Closes at 17:00 on Tuesday except Aug 13 (22:00) | Admission 30 mins before closing
Price ¥2000
tokyo art exhibitions

Robin F. Williams, Thirst, 2023. Oil on canvas, 127 x 152.4 cm | 50 x 60 inch. Photo by JSP Art Photography. Courtesy of the Artist, P.P.O.W. and Perrotin

"Undying" Exhibition by Robin F. Williams

In her first exhibition with Perrotin, Robin F. Williams explores the psychological variations of intimacy in film and media. Her paintings, based on film stills, are vibrant and absorbing, and their lush texturing rewards the attentive viewer. Williams engages in a discourse of gendered pleasure and female agency as seen in popular film, tantalizing the viewer with what we hope will be a happy ending.  There will be an opening reception on May 9, from 5–7 p.m.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 22, 2024・11:00-19:00
Price Free
Location Perrotin Tokyo

Black Beast, 1940. Sheet metal, bolts, and paint. 103" x 163" x 78 1/2". Photograph by Ken Adlard © Calder Foundation, New York.

Calder: Un Effet du Japonais Exhibition

"Calder: Un Effet du Japonais" explores the enduring resonance of the American modernist’s art with Japanese traditions and aesthetics. Curated by Alexander S. C. Rower, President of the Calder Foundation, New York, and organized in collaboration with Pace Gallery, the exhibition will comprise approximately 100 works from the collection of the Calder Foundation that span the 1930s to the 1970s, ranging from the artist’s signature mobiles, stabiles and standing mobiles to his oil paintings and works on paper.
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 6, 2024・10:00-18:00・Fri, Sat: 19:00
Price ¥1,500

© Özgür Kar ©Aneta Grzeszykowska Photo by Ryohei tomita

Yokohama Triennale

Yokohama Triennale enters its 8th edition with the theme “Wild Grass: Our Lives.” Artists from Japan and further afield have joined forces to conclude a wide ranging exhibition across five different areas in Yokohama, including BankArt Kaiko and Yokohama Museum of Art.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 9, 2024・11:00-・Times vary, see website for details
Price ¥2,300
Location Bank Art Kaiko, Various

Rei Naito: come and live - go and live

This exhibition was first conceived when Rei Naito encountered the Tokyo National Museum’s collection and architecture. She discovered a human soul that resonated with her own creativity in the clay objects of the Jōmon period. This feeling was born out of prehistoric people’s awe towards nature, in which Naito found “compassion permeating inside and outside of life.” The exhibition spaces, illuminated by natural light, evoke the realms of life and death, as well as the intimate harmony that endured between humans and nature as well as humans and other living beings. Through this exhibition, you're invited to experience the spirituality and creative power that connect us with the people of ancient times.
Date & Time Jun 25, 2024-Sep 23, 2024・09:30-17:00・Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Price ¥1,500 | University Students ¥1,000 | Free for high school students and under
Location Tokyo National Museum

Sense of Structure: From Horyuji Temple To The Universe Exhibition

Architects design buildings, but structural engineers make a building possible. "Sense of Structure" is a celebration of materials, knowledge, and creation — looking at how we're able to exist alongside nature, minimise natural disasters, and create masterpieces of architecture using structural design.
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 25, 2024・11:00-18:00
Price ¥1,500
Location What Museum

Animals, Animals, Animals! Exhibition

The city of Tokyo expanded into a sprawling metropolis during the Edo period, around 400 years ago. This exhibition asks: "How did these Tokyoites interact with animals?" A deep dive of all things feathered and furry, 240 works have been selected from the Edo Tokyo Museum collections. The 100 Animal Views From the Edo-Tokyo Museum Collection showcases a diverse representation of animals through picture scrolls, ukiyo-e prints, and folk toys.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 23, 2024・10:00-18:00・Closed on Mondays (except April 29, May 6, June 17)
Price ¥1,300
Location Tokyo Station Gallery
More Info Exhibits will change between the first exhibition period (April 27 - May 26) and second (May 28 - June 23)

Tokyo Art Tank Vol. 11

Art and culture enthusiasts are invited to the 11th edition of Tokyo Art Tank, a week-long group exhibition featuring the work of 27 ground-breaking and talented Tokyo-based artists. Featuring mediums from contemporary paintings to avant-garde sculptures, this exhibition promises to inspire and captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and innovation, and to explore a diverse range of artistic expressions capturing the essence of Tokyo's vibrant art scene in spring. Stay tuned for details such as live music shows, poetry readings by the Tokyo Poetry Journal, and more.  
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 2, 2024・11:00-20:00
Price Free
Location Gallery Conceal Shibuya

Universal / Remote Exhibition

This March, the National Art Center, Tokyo will be hosting an exhibition entitled "Universal / Remote." This exhibition seeks to examine the various phenomena through contemporary art, such as the way we live and work within it and the state of society in the years following the pandemic. Eight solo artists and one artistic collective have come together to explore traditional themes in contemporary art, such as global capitalism and the digitalization of society. Featuring art from all of the world, from Asia to Scandinavia – including some works never before seen in Japan – viewers are invited to decipher post-pandemic society and the state of the individual.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 3, 2024・10:00-18:00・Last entry 30 minutes before closing
Price Tickets from ¥1,500. Discounts available for students.
Location The National Art Center
More Info Closed on Tuesdays

MUCA Icons of Urban Art Exhibition

One of the largest museums of urban art in Europe, the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA), is bringing its collection to Japan for the first time this spring. With over 60 incredibly valuable works, including a sculptural piece by Banksy, pieces by French street artist Invader, American artist Shepard Fairey and many more, the exhibition will include career-defining works by internationally renown artists.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 2, 2024・10:00-19:00・10:00-20:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and days before holidays
Price Tickets from ¥2,400
Location Mori Arts Center Gallery
More Info Discounts available for students

Fragments of the Future: Laboratory of Science and Design Exhibition

Design dreams of possible futures in this exhibition directed by engineer Shunji Yamanaka. Based around the theme of a more beautiful, surprising and engaging world, visitors can see prototypes, robots, and materials made by Yamanaka and others collaboratively. Showing what can emerge from combining design and scientific thinking, it asks, what could the materials of the future look like?
Date & Time UNTIL Aug 12, 2024・11:00-19:00・Closed on Tuesdays
Price ¥1,400
Traveling Peanuts

Ⓒ 2024 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Traveling Peanuts Exhibition

Held at the newly refurbished Snoopy Museum Tokyo, the "Traveling Peanuts" exhibition is showcasing original drawings by Charles M. Schulz that depict Snoopy and the Peanuts gang during their travels. There are more than 40 original comic strips borrowed from the Schulz Museum. "Traveling Peanuts" begins on February 1, when the Snoopy Museum Tokyo reopens after being closed for three weeks.  The museum now includes a new Snoopy Wonder Room, featuring various Snoopy goods, and a new light and video presentation in the popular Snoopy Room area, which is known for its approximately 8-meter-long giant statue of  Schulz's most famous character.  The museum's shop, Brown's Store, meanwhile, has added various items that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Adjacent to the museum is the Peanuts Cafe, which now includes terrace seating and a new grand menu. 
Date & Time UNTIL Sep 1, 2024・10:00-18:00・Open until 20:00 between February 1 and 4, 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Closed on February 20.
Price Advance Ticket ¥1,800 | On the Day ¥2,000
Location Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Tokyo Afternoon Tea, Food and Drink Events

Queen's Brunch: The Tokyo Edition, Ginza

This Saturday, Tokyo Edition, Ginza is hosting a brunch featuring iconic Tokyo drag queens at its modern brasserie, Sophie at Edition. There will be a live performance by Durian Lollobrigida, a DJ set by Mademoiselle Yulia and a Pride raffle, providing guests with the opportunity to win exciting prizes.  The Queen's Brunch menu includes a delectable breakfast spread and a tempting selection of three appetizers. Then there's the show-stopping main course: a pancake board adorned with a variety of condiments, fresh fruits, crispy bacon and more. 
Date & Time Jun 8, 2024・12:00-15:00
Price ¥7,800 (service charge and tax included)
Location The Tokyo Edition, Ginza
More Info Menus may vary on the day of the event

Japan Burger Championship 2024

Japan Burger Championship is a hybrid event where visitors can enjoy artisanal high-end burgers from all over Japan with craft beer and assorted fries. They can also watch on-stage burger cooking competitions. The winner will receive a golden ticket to the World Food Championships 2024, which is the world's biggest food event held in the U.S. every year.

This year, the event has support from the U.S. Embassy as well as Clark Memorial International High School to provide bilingual staff supporting non-Japanese speaking guests.

Date & Time Jun 27, 2024-Jun 30, 2024・11:00-21:00
Price Free
Location Saitama Super Arena

Kikkoman Soy Milk Soy Latte Stand Pop-Up, With 8-Meter Soy Milk Tunnel

Thanks to Kikkoman, all your soy milk dreams will come true this June. The brand is hosting a free soy milk pop-up with 10 different types of soy milk to try for free, alongside soy milk gacha-gacha and a free gift. Visitors will be able to climb inside a tunnel shaped like a giant carton of soy milk, too!
Date & Time Jun 11, 2024-Jun 17, 2024・11:00-19:00・Monday 17 until 17:00
Price Free
Location Shibuya Stream Inaribashi Square

"The Making of Harry Potter" First Anniversary Afternoon Tea

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter, a special themed afternoon tea will be offered at the facility itself. Expect cute sweets and drinks inspired by the first film in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. All customers who order from the limited menu will also receive a unique Sorting Hat postcard. When a photo of the postcard is taken with a camera flash, the house that you have been sorted into will be revealed.
Date & Time Jun 16, 2024-Jul 15, 2024・09:00-20:30
Price ¥7,200
Location Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo

Firefly Evening Dinner Buffet at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

To celebrate the arrivals of fireflies in May, the Chinzanso Tokyo is hosting a special "Firefly Evening and His Dinner Buffet" menu. This year, the menu will feature a variety of cuisines, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese. The buffet menu includes popular dishes, like special beef stew, rice and eggplant, as well as traditional menu items. After your meal, enjoy the fantastic collaboration of fireflies and the sea of clouds in the garden.
Date & Time UNTIL Jun 30, 2024・18:00-20:00・Meal times depend on the day. Please check the website for more details.
Price Adult tickets from ¥13,500
Location Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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