This exhibition features one of the greatest furniture designers of 20th century Denmark, Poul Kjærholm (1929–1980). Mid-century Scandinavian furniture is often characterized by warm wood tones. The works of Kjærholm, in comparison, stand out due to his preference for combining hard materials such as stone and metal, a choice that was unusual in his time. But the rigid profiles never give off a cold impression; instead, they evoke a subtle tension in the space. Kjærholm’s timeless clean lines and minimalist beauty resonate with Japanese architecture, garnering continued support among Japanese design enthusiasts.

The exhibition will showcase a collection primarily curated from the extensive research and chair collection of Professor Noritsugu Oda (an honorary professor at Tokai University). It will be the first of its kind in Japan to exhibit Kjærholm’s most influential works. With the cooperation of Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido, home to the Oda Collection, it will introduce approximately 50 pieces of furniture and related documents.

Kjærholm’s design philosophy and refined aesthetics of the furniture will be presented meticulously in an exhibition space designed by spirited architect Tsuyoshi Tane.