Contrast is holding an exhibition titled “between pixel and particle” by Sander Wassink, a Dutch artist and designer based in Japan and the Netherlands.

As Wassink lives in Japan and works primarily for European clients, his daily life unfolds largely within the digital realm—through pixels, screens, and virtual interactions. While this mode of existence has advantages, it has, over time, fostered a profound sense of disconnection from the tactile world that exists outside his studio.

This exhibition arises from his quest to reconcile these two realms, softening the divide and addressing the alienation he has felt. The primary goal of the work is to push him away from my computer and towards engaging with the physical world. The exhibition invites visitors to contemplate the flow of energy that connects the dots between pixel and particle, digital and physical, isolation and interconnectedness. Each piece is a portal through which we might glimpse the foundational energies that animate both our world and the digital one.

There will be an opening reception party on June 28 from 6 – 9 p.m.