NieR: Automata fans take note. You can now enjoy the game in an entirely different way, namely through imbibing some excellent wine inspired by two iconic characters.

Nier wine

Wine Flavored with the NieR Soundtrack

There are two types of wine available and they are both produced by Chateau Jun, a winery that is part of JUN group, located in Yamanashi Prefecture. The variants are named after the main characters in the series, 2B and 9S. What really makes these wines “NieR”, are the fact that the barrels they are fermenting have actually been listening to the NieR soundtrack throughout the development process. Both 2B and 9S get two separate playlists which shows how much attention to detail Chateau Jun has put into developing unique flavor profiles for the wines.

The wines themselves are made up of a blend of grapes that include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Mountain Sauvignon. It is said to be an elegant wine with an emphasis on the tannins to create nuance and depth. Color-wise, a pour reveals a reddish-purple hue not unlike a garnet. On the nose, you can expect notes of fresh cassis and cranberry. 

What Does the Wine Taste Like?

According to the producers of the wine, the 2B and 9S wines are distinctively different. 2B has a more complex taste and gives off the impression that there’s a specific flavor that the drinker has to reach for. It has an overall mysterious vibe. In contrast, 9S gives off a lighter impression with a much more straightforward taste. There’s a sense of brightness, radiance and openness. Do these descriptions match that of the characters? You be the one to decide.

A bottle of NieR: Automata ver1.1a music-aged wine will set you back 12,000. Each bottle comes with a special Lunar Tear wine glass. You can place an online order for them here.

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