Japan’s most mysterious singer, Ado, has never publicly shown her face. For a brief moment, it sounded like that was going to change when her management announced an upcoming handshake event with the enigmatic musician. However, instead of getting a view of the pop star, fans will have to make do with shaking hands with her through a box. While not as intimate as meeting her face-to-face, it is an exciting opportunity for her followers to interact with the reclusive star. The Ado handshaking event is planned for two days in October with 1,000 places (500 per day) up for grabs.  

Ado’s Handshaking Event

Winners will be selected through a special lottery. Before applying, hopefuls must first purchase Ado’s upcoming second album, Zanmu, set to be released on July 10. It will take place at a secret venue that will only be revealed to those who are selected. On the Universal Music website, a concept image accompanied the announcement, showing potential applicants what will happen on the day. “You will shake hands with Ado inside the box! Please insert your hand into the hole installed inside the box. Ado will shake hands with the hand you have placed inside!”  

Ado assured fans that she “will really be inside the box!” and that she would do her “best to make you believe!” For those who miss out on the handshake event, there’s also an opportunity to apply for other prizes, including Course B: personally signed posters with the recipients’ names on. There’s also Course C: access to exclusive seats for Ado’s concerts at K-Arena Yokohama on October 12 and 13. The shows are part of the Ado Japan Tour 2024 “Mona Lisa Profile.” 

Ado’s Biography  

Ado began singing as an utaite (internet cover singer) on the video-sharing site Niconico with her version of Dwandonly’s “Kimi no Taion (Your Heat!)” in 2017. Three years later, she signed with Universal Music and, on October 23, 2020, a day before her 18th birthday, she released the digital single “Usseewa.” An attack on modern day corporate culture in Japan, it became a social phenomenon. The popular track reached 100 million views on YouTube in less than five months and surpassed 100 plays on Billboard Japan in 17 weeks, which was the sixth fastest in history. Her first LP, Kyogen, released in January 2022, debuted at number one on the Oricon combined albums chart. Later that year, her track, “New Genesis,” was used as the theme song for One Piece Film: Red. It also went to number one in Japan and peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Global 200. 

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