In the ever-evolving world of beauty, a new trend is gaining traction: in-house hair and makeup styling performed by qualified professionals. Though it’s nothing new for celebrities, who often work with their own “glam squads” before big events, these customized services are increasing in popularity among in-the-know customers who wish to enjoy a highly personalized, intimate and stress-free beauty experience, transforming their own living rooms into glamorous salons.   

Hys In Room brings this concept to Tokyo, offering high-end hair, makeup and nail styling under a “business trip” model, meaning the stylists will travel to whatever location the client specifies, be it a home, hotel or event venue. Because the artists are internationally trained and multilingual, they can work with people from all different backgrounds. It’s a smooth and uncomplicated way to prepare for a wedding or social event — or, in some cases, simply a luxurious and unique alternative to the salon, saving you time, effort and hassle. 

Flexible, World-Class Styling, Delivered

Upon reservation, a specialist from Hys In Room will reach out via phone or email to clarify your needs and to nail down the look you desire. The Hys In Room team is composed of several expert hair and makeup artists with a wide range of work backgrounds, including in salons, backstage at fashion shows and on set for photoshoots. As such, the services they offer are flexible, and can easily adjust to the client’s individual needs, whether you need multiple looks, have a large group or require privacy. 

On the day of the styling, Hys In Room artists with the appropriate skill and language capabilities will meet you at your desired location. Because the stylist comes to you, Hys In Room maximizes convenience and privacy, making it suitable for even the highest caliber of clients.

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Global Language and Technique

It can be difficult to find hair and makeup artists in Tokyo who are fluent in English. This is one of Hys In Room’s specialties: With a team of expert stylists who have experience working abroad, they offer multilingual support. The staff primarily speaks English and Japanese, but there are team members who are capable of conducting services in French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese as well. Because all clients have a chance to chat with the team before the day of the styling, Hys In Room will know ahead of time what your specific language needs are. 

Additionally, given the fact that most Hys In Room artists have worked internationally, they know how to handle a wide range of hair types, skin tones and facial features, and they’re versed in myriad overseas trends and techniques. They can cater to those looking for a more typically Japanese style, as well as to customers in search of Old Hollywood glam, classic and chic French beauty or something else entirely. 

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A Highly Qualified Team

Another stand-out feature at Hys In Room: the artists’ collective résumé. From backstage at Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion weeks to red carpet events like the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Cannes Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival, the staff has worked with countless VIP clients in preparation for some of the world’s most exclusive events. 

Within Japan, the Hys In Room team frequently works with clients attending events at embassies and luxury hotels. They’re used to meeting the expectations of high-profile customers, and passionate about producing makeup, hair and nails that are on-trend while understanding each individual’s personal style, working to make everyone’s beauty and confidence shine in a way that enhances their natural looks. Whether it’s your first time with professional hair and makeup styling or you’re attending your third gala of the week, the Hys In Room professionals can meet your needs in a way that feels easy, seamless and tailored to you.

For more information about Hys In Room’s services, visit their website.