Now that Halloween hangovers have subsided take a cool autumn respite and broaden your horizons with the soul-rejuvenating Culture Day holiday on November 3. Originally celebrated as the birth of Emperor Meiji, the holiday took on its current configuration following World War II as a means to promote arts, literature and academic endeavors. Celebrate in Tokyo with cultural endeavors honoring dance, music, flowers and lamb chops.

Dream Yosakoi 2018

This lively dance and cheer festival takes over the Odaiba area for three days as teams perform choreographed routines in colorful costumes, punctuating the dancing with energetic shouts, flag waving and hand percussion.

Hitsuji Festa 2018

More than 30,000 visitors are expected to descend on Nakano’s Antenna Street to gorge on lamb chops, stewed lamb, lamb skewers, lamb curry and Mongolian mutton barbecue.

Iron Island Festival

Tekkojima is a small artificial island near Haneda Airport that was initially home to ironworking industries. In 2016 the Buckle Kobo creative hub set up on the island and every year invites guest to experiencing contemporary music, art and film at this eclectic festival.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Shinjuku Gyoen

Considered the symbolic autumn flower of Japan (not to mention symbol of the Imperial Family), chrysanthemums will be in full bloom this month so take a crisp stroll and delight in the wide varieties in one of Tokyo’s most picturesque settings.

Malaysia Fair

Give Malaysian sweets, drinks, and soul food at this grand event – held for the first time – showcasing the sights, sounds and tastes of the South East Asian destination.

Asakusa Tori-no-ichi

Held every year outside Tokyo’s oldest shrine on the Day of the Rooster, this lively festival sees merchants purchase special rakes to garner good fortune in the upcoming year, partaking in a boisterous ritual with sellers that includes synchronized clapping and cheers.

Deutschland Fest 2018

Attracting up to 32,000 people, this German festival serves up plenty of sausages and craft beers and music performances.

62nd CWAJ Print Show

The annual juried show and sale feature 221 prints, produced by emerging talent as well as highly regarded, experienced printmakers. All proceeds from the print show and sale go to CWAJ scholarships and Fukushima relief projects.