Asakusa Tori-no-ichi

This lively traditional fair sees visitors buying kumade handmade rakes to bring in good fortune and wealth to their businesses. For individuals and huge corporations, the decorated rakes are seen as early tokens of good luck for the forthcoming year. The somewhat chaotic event sees large crowds attend to purchase their kumade or just to enjoy buyers and sellers partaking in noisy ceremonies of synchronized clapping and shouts for each sale. The event is held on the day of the rooster in November, according to the Japanese calendar, and 2017 has a rare occurrence of three rooster days. So, three separate days of Tori-no-ichi festivities will be held, running for 24 hours from midnight. Smaller events take place at around 30 other shrines across Tokyo.

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Nov 06 2017


00:00 - 23:55



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Chokoku ji and Otori Shrine
3-19-6 Senzoku , Taito ku

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