Make waves in Odaiba, grab a beer in rooftop luxury or become part of a comedy routine this weekend. While the Odaiba Regatta is the highlighted event, between avant-garde art exhibitions, graphic design fairs and the pursuit for the perfect body, this weekend is full of cultural and eye-opening opportunities. As always, click on the header of each event for more details.

Odaiba Regatta 2018

The whole family will enjoy the wet and wild competition and fun at this annual boat racing regatta. Get up close to the oars and the athletes as both professional and amateur crews participate in various races throughout the day.


Gordon Matta-Clark : Mutations in Space

The experimental artist’s life was cut short before his groundbreaking “anarchitecture” style of site-specific creations became lauded by the art world. Forty years after his death, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, launches Asia’s first full-scale retrospective devoted to Matta-Clark, who once documented slivers of uninhabitable land he bought in Queens, New York, for about ¥3,000 per plot.


White & Sky Poolside Beer Garden

Enjoy the open skies over Ginza at Tokyu Plaza Ginza’s poolside beer garden. This ritzy al fresco experience features special courses from Greek restaurant Apollo, free-flowing cocktails and mood-setting music.


Phantasies Over Time

Tokyo-based contemporary artist Mami Kosemura recreates the fruit, flower and tableware settings of 17th century Spanish still life paintings and then documents its months-long decay through hundreds of photographs. She enhances and augments each photo with paint and then creates a video out of the final images. This highly acclaimed, multi-award winning artist launches a solo exhibition, Phantasies Over Time, at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art this weekend.


Perfect Liars Club Tokyo

The classic comedy set-up is simple. Four comedians sit on stage. Each tells a wild, entertaining story. One of them is lying, and the audience must figure out which one it is. Interrogate members of the Tokyo chapter of the Perfect Liars Club at this hilarious evening of improv at Good Heavens Bar this Friday.


Michelangelo and the Ideal Body

While Renaissance artist Michelangelo’s most famous sculptures like the Pieta or David can’t leave Italy, The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, is bringing a few of the master’s more attainable pieces, along with other ancient works that explore the ideal human form.


‘Voilà l’album! Welcome to the World of French Picture Books’ Exhibition

From Babar the Elephant to Gaspard and Lisa, the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library, in collaboration with The French Embassy in Japan, is showcasing a wide-ranging selection of children’s books produced in French-speaking countries.


Graphic Design in Japan 2018

If you really like fonts, then you are in luck. Select works from the design annual Graphic Design in Japan 2018, featuring the year’s best posters, symbols, logotypes and typefaces and more, are now on display at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub.