As the coronavirus continues its spread across the globe, Japan has taken measures to contain the outbreak here at home. Schools are closed. Festivals, museums and events are being canceled. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t things to do in Tokyo this weekend. Even though Ueno Zoo is temporarily closed, Tama Zoo (arguably better) is open. Mori Art Museum is closed, but Diesel Art Gallery is open. Robot Restaurant is closed, but you can still find ramen on every corner.

We’ve done our best to round up events and attractions that are still open, but please be sure to check the venue website or call before planning to attend.

Mimosa Festa 2020

While greatly reduced (and the opening ceremony has been canceled), this spring festival at La Cittadella in Kawasaki will still take place from March 7–8. There will be gifts of mimosa flowers and an Italian-themed marketplace. ///limbs.tester.outlast

Owl Eyes Japan Tour

Following up her appearance at Indie-pop singer-songwriter Owl Eyes is putting on two gigs for her debut Japan tour. She is performing at Nanahari on March 6 and a DJ set at TRUNK(HOTEL) on March 7.

Ginza Six – Prismatic Cloud

Bending and shaping light itself to the form of a cloud Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese artist who designed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch, launches his Ginza Six debut with this masterpiece – “Prismatic Cloud.” ///vaccines.pulses.slides

Suchart Boonyavech /

Tokyo German Village

Head to Chiba for an amazing illumination display of light and sound featuring a rainbow tunnel. Some facilities are closed through March 13, so check the venue website for updates. ///sooner.skins.tapers

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RK: NEOrient Art Exhibition

Diesel Art Gallery presents Japanese photographer RK’s solo exhibition, “NEOrient.” RK is a street photographer whose magical and colorful take on street, architecture and nature is gaining attention domestically and internationally. ///burst.torches.shade

Shingo Yoshida: The Summit Art Exhibition

For this solo exhibition at Loko Gallery, Shingo Yoshida attempts to trace and reconstruct a monument based on the Yuhi, a slab of rock with carved haiku located at the top of Mount Fuji. Exhibition ends March 7. ///glad.simple.bracelet

Yuka Goto: Mystery Planet

Hiromart Gallery has hosted Tokyo-born, Tokyo-based artist Yuka Goto’s solo or two-person exhibitions every year since 2011, each exhibition based on a new theme. Current exhibition ends March 8. ///transit.awaited.spirits

A Gold Book: Andy Warhol

Now on exhibit at Artless Gallery in Kamimeguro, A GOLD BOOK is one of Andy Warhol’s earliest works and was originally created as a promotional book with a gold cover, hence the title. Available by appointment only. ///falters.gave.voice

Narumi Hiramoto Exhibition: narconearco

For this solo exhibition at Guardian Garden in Ginza, award-winning artist Narumi Hiramoto uses the entire gallery space as a three-dimensional display. ///

Kasing Lung Art Exhibition “THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE”

Kasing Lung, a Belgium-based children’s book illustrator, holds a solo exhibition at Hidari Zingaro inspired by his love of monsters, anime and the universe. ///diner.delved.restore

Taketeru Kudo’s Butoh Performance “The Candy Explosion”

Taketeru Kudo, renowned butoh dancer, delivers a solo dance performance in collaboration with top Japanese musicians at Za Koenji Public Theater. Writes Kudo on his Facebook page, “In the midst of the troubled times, we dare present this work.” ///land.blazers.chambers