Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo returns again after its yearly tour of other Japanese cities such as Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya – giving us our latest chance to write about ale.

This one’s a little different to the many non-seasonal Oktoberfests we have become accustomed to – not only because the beer is Belgian, but also because, well, you’ll be swilling it from a slightly different glass. See that picture above this post? Yes, that’s right, enjoying the sunset in Yokohama is one of the 2013 glasses you’ll get to take home for yourself…

Joking aside, the event is well put together (with credibility-lending support from the Belgian Embassy and Union of Belgian Brewers, amongst others) and the Roppongi Hills Arena is a decent venue from which to enjoy the musical side events that give things a nice vibe whatever time of day you choose to go along.

There will be 73 different beers divided into 10 styles on sale, including a few specials you might struggle to find (or afford) usually in Tokyo. Food menus also keep to the European theme.

Your best bet is to get your ticket in advance: you’ll pay ¥3,000 in exchange for a glass to keep and 12 tokens to be used on beer or food on the day. Beers might range from between 2-5 tokens, similarly food, with premium options ‘costing’ more, but you can always top up on the day/night – or save your spares for another trip later in the week.

Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo 2013

6 – 16 September 2013

Weekdays: 12:00 – 22:00

Weekends & Holidays: 11:00 – 22:00

Website with more info:

Have a look at the vid below for a behind the scenes take on the 2012 event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by many of the Tokyo Weekender team.