Super Oktoberfest Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Super Oktoberfest

When another off-season Tokyo Oktoberfest event comes along, it isn’t always worth telling you about. It isn’t always easy to find a way to tell you about it without bringing up the same old beery cliches and same old pretzel-y anti-cliches – which we are pretty sure we’re doing right here in this very sentence.

Anyway, forget that, if you do want to get in to the Bavarian spirit, in ‘Super’-size style under the arching roof of Tokyo Dome, you might want to check this one out and we’re not going to let fear of the hackneyed preview get in your way. After all, even the promotional material gives us an eyeful (see below…) of what might be on offer and leaves no room for high-brow shunning…

Super Oktoberfest features not only the obvious oompah bands from Die Hofbräuhaus but also a DJ set from Takyuu Ishino on the Friday night, and of course plenty of beers (some of which imported to Japan for the first time) and snacks to wash all the music down.

When: November 30 (Friday) – December 2 (Sunday)

Where: Tokyo Dome

How Much: ¥1,200 for a day ticket, ¥2,500 for a three day.

Beers at the event will cost around ¥1,000 each and you’ll be charged the same as a deposit for a special Super Oktoberfest glass.

Click here for more information and to hear a rendition of the song you’ll definitely need to sing as you sway with your beers.

Super Oktoberfest in Tokyo Dome

Main Image: Tokyo Dome by Cyber_Bird on Flickr.

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  1. We went to this event on Saturday and boy were we ripped-off. Beer was overpriced – 1,800 yen for a small glass of average beer – 3000 yen for a 1litre stein. The queues were ridiculous – we lined up for 40 minutes to get 1 beer and another 30 minutes for food. Well, they called it food: 3000 yen for a plate of fried crap that you can buy from Family Mart for a fraction of the cost. Not content with brutalising our wallets, the organisers also assaulted our ears with the most godawful assortment of z-list entertainment that it would be possible to imagine. What the hell was the point of a load of guys dressed up like taliban fighters jumping around to beeping noises they’d made on their iPads? Total and utter rubbish.

    I was really looking forward to this event as kick-start to the festive season. Some hope. We came away sorely disappointed and quietly depressed at the cynicism of the organisers engaging in such a wholesale rip-off of the public.

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