As we emerge from a powerful eclipse season, it’s time to take all that Mercury taught us during its retrograde and carry it with us into the new month. May promises to be a month of liberation, bringing a desire to explore and ample chances for personal growth. 

We’ll be having a passionate start to the month, as Venus squares transformational Pluto on May 1. When this energy combines with the desire for stability and comfort in love brought by Taurus season, it will likely motivate us all to strike a balance in our romantic lives. At the end of this month, we’ll enter social Gemini season, and we’ll experience a full moon in energetic Sagittarius on the 23rd. You can expect your social bandwidth to expand during this time, and you’ll be more energized than usual by social interaction. Allow yourself to soak in your own extroversion. We round off the month with Jupiter entering Gemini on May 26, a momentous beginning to a year-long cycle. 

Keep reading below for your sign’s monthly horoscope, and make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.

taurus May 2024 horoscope

Taurus May Horoscope

Happy birthday, Taurus! As you welcome your solar return, you’ll encounter a lot of powerful forces that will motivate you to follow through with any goals you’ve set. The new moon on May 8 will be taking place in your sign, so you’ll be feeling secure in your instincts, even in foreign territory. The sun conjuncts revolutionary Uranus in your sign on May 13, and chatty Mercury also enters your sign just two days later. Fortune favors the bold, especially for you Taurans this month; don’t be afraid to act on your passions and speak up. Get inspired by some revolutionary art and allow yourself to be lifted up by people who trust their instincts.

gemini May 2024 horoscope

Gemini May Horoscope

You may feel as though you’re standing on a springboard for the first half of this month, Gemini, waiting to be propelled to what your soul is really reaching for. Now that Mercury, your ruling planet, is back on its forward path, your gift with words has returned to you. But we’re now in Earth sign Taurus season, which will keep your feet firmly on the ground. As you welcome your solar return in the latter half of this month, embrace the airy spirit of your season and take flight. Jupiter enters your sign on the 26th – this marks a period of open-mindedness and an ability to make deeper connections and expand your network of trust organically. Discover how you want to build your community, however you define it.

May 2024 horoscope cancer

Cancer May Horoscope

You’re a great friend naturally, Cancer, but this month friendships are even more important than usual for you. With the new moon on May 8 highlighting your 11th house of friendships and dreams, you might catch yourself finding new insight about how you want to pursue your goals — and who you want to share the journey with. Even with the best intentions, communication might be a little harder than usual mid-month, though, what with Mercury squaring Pluto on the 17th. Just remember that coming from a place of sincerity and empathy is always helpful – and fortunately, these are both qualities that come relatively easily to you. Consider a wholesome outing with your friends, like going out for brunch.

May 2024 horoscope Leo

Leo May Horoscope

Some major movement in your career or love life might be on the horizon, Leo, but it’s best for you not to act impulsively. Venus squares Pluto on the first day of the month, forcing you to reassess your romantic life. It also will conjunct Uranus later this month in your 10th house of career and public image. You might experience some more attention than usual regarding your next steps, but you’re never one to back down from a challenge. Find simple ways to stay healthy during this busy time of change.

Virgo May 2024 horoscope

Virgo May Horoscope

Your dreams guide you on your path to your future, Virgo, and you should treasure them. As Venus squares Pluto on May 1, you may experience some mental conflict. Your mindset dictates how you experience your lived reality, so try not to get overwhelmed by your own thoughts. Later this month, the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your 4th house of family and self-care; make use of the clarity you receive during this lunar event to reestablish your foundations and get clear on how you take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

libra May 2024 horoscope

Libra May Horoscope

The first half of the month is for confronting your demons, Libra. As Venus squares Pluto on the first of this month, you’re going to have to take care of yourself before you help others – something that will feel grating for a serial people-pleaser like you. Thankfully, upon the arrival of fellow air sign Gemini season, you’ll be feeling a lot lighter. Prioritize yourself and your own happiness this month, and go do something good for your soul, like watching some stand-up comedy.

May 2024 horoscope scorpio

Scorpio May Horoscope

As a deeply loyal and passionate sign, you’re always in search of collaborators you feel a soul connection with – and this month, you might find one, or deepen your connection with a current partner. As Venus squares Pluto on May 1, you’ll uncover deep-rooted thought patterns from your upbringing that affect how you confront relationships. Then, on May 18, as Venus conjuncts Uranus, you’ll experience a development in your partnerships — whether it’s becoming official with your situationship or signing a contract with a business partner. Take your newfound bae on a date in the city.

Sagittarius May Horoscope

Focus on your mental and physical health this month, Sag. As Venus squares Pluto on May 1, you might have to face the cause of any mental turmoil head-on. This transit is followed by the stabilizing energy of the new moon in Taurus on the 8th,  making it a good time to declutter your mind and reincorporate healthy habits in your routine. In the latter half of this month, as we enter light-hearted Gemini season, you’ll be feeling a lot more in tune with your usual spirited self. The full moon in your sign on May 23 will allow you to really let your star power shine — get up on the stage of life, there’s no dress rehearsal.

May 2024 horoscope capricorn

Capricorn May Horoscope

You’re always running head-first towards your professional and personal goals, Cap, but it’s also important to do things that have no other purpose than to make you happy. As Venus squares Pluto on May 1, allow yourself to engage with your own perception of yourself, and open up your heart to energy that you naturally gravitate to. With the new moon in fellow earth sign Taurus, you might find fresh creative inspiration — lean into it, and spend your GW reenergizing yourself. 

Aquarius horoscope

Aquarius May Horoscope

We know you like to be independent and operate on your own schedule, Aqua, but family is in the foreground for you this month, and deepening your familial bonds will help you solidify your sense of security. Let the new moon on May 8 refresh these dynamics, and don’t shy away from having conversations that will help undo any pent-up resentments. Later this month, as we enter fellow air sign Gemini season, you’ll feel your social energy turned outwards. Take your newfound stability to expand your social circle, and go explore a new area with your friends and family.

May 2024 horoscope pisces

Pisces May Horoscope

Inspiration is abundant for you this month, Pisces. Ideas are flowing from you left and right, and all the excitement comes to a head on May 18, when Venus conjuncts Uranus. Messages from divine forces can be overwhelming and difficult to parse — journaling and putting pen to paper will be your best friend this month. You can always go through your chaotic scribbles later to seek out deeper meaning.May 2024 horoscope aries

Aries May Horoscope

You’re still riding your high from your energetic solar return, and now that Mercury has gone direct, you’ll be able to keep up your momentum for a while longer. As long as you stay focused, you’ll be able to navigate the transformative Venus conjunct Pluto that we see at the beginning of the month. You’ll find Gemini season later this month to be more carefree; use the expansive energy of this air season to nurture your creativity. Go check out a themed museum if you could use some lighthearted inspiration.

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