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Shop Japan: 10 Japanese Home Decor Items for Your Tokyo Home

Treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious new home decor piece

By Weekender Editor

This summer, we’re bringing back our Shop Japan series to introduce unique Japanese products for those who want to continue supporting Japanese businesses, are looking for an extra special gift or simply are in the mood for shopping. We’re kicking off this comeback with home decor items to spruce up your Tokyo apartment or home if you’re still riding the redecoration wave. As Japan and the world shift towards remote working, it’s more important than ever to surround yourself with inspiring things. Or maybe you prefer to stick to unique functional items? No matter where you stand, we might just have found your next favorite home decor piece.

1. Aroma Diffuser by Musee Corporation

This cool gadget uses a built-in fan to diffuse the enticing fragrances of essential oil from a ceramic plate handmade by artisans of Shibukusa Ryuzo Pottery. 

¥4,620–¥17,380. Buy here.

2. Koharu Tobe ware aroma stone (Red and white camellia Japonica) by TSUBAKI NO OMOTENASHI

Evoke the aromas of Matusyama City with the multi-sensory experience and let the sweet smell of camellia wash over you.

¥5,500. Buy here.

3. Magic wishing mallet (Japanese Kutani ware) by Dream, Inc.

Hand-painted by the world-renowned artisan Toshifumi Taka, this mallet’s breathtaking, vivid colors, along with cranes and turtles, are bound to bring you luck. 

¥88,800. Buy here.

4. Tsunageru komono hanger (Connectable hanger) by Inataya

Ideal for storing small fashion items such as bags, hats and scarfs, this connectable hanger allows you to hang various things at once. 

¥550–¥1,320. Buy here.


Turn your home into a high-class museum with this unique sword display case specially designed to appreciate the intricate patterns of the blade.

¥1,496,000. Buy here.


Visit this modern furniture factory that sits amidst the lush mountains in Fukuoka Prefecture’s picturesque city of Itoshima to watch craftsmen at work. 

Free of charge. Learn more here.

7. JABARA AV BOARD by Ritzwell & Co.

The design of this stunning piece of audio-visual fine art is reminiscent of elegant screen doors of Machiya townhouses and the Sagano bamboo forests in Kyoto. 

From ¥396,000. Shop here

8. Bread sofa bed and sofa by CELLUTANECO., LTD.

This experienced company presents a uniquely designed sofa bed and sofa. Melt into the memory-foam softness and you won’t be rising anytime soon. 

¥14,990–¥17,990. Buy here.


Ensure a peaceful night’s sleep with this new-sensation futon bedding developed with moisture-absorption properties – and as smooth as meringue. 

¥19,800–¥53,900. Buy here.


The result of dedication and attention to detail, these Mulberry silk blankets are smooth, supple and unmatched. 

¥66,000–¥92,400. Buy here.

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.