We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but also appeal to a global audience. Below is our selection of gift-worthy food and drink items. We’ve got everything from savory snacks and pantry items to indulgent desserts.

Special Mild Salt Flavor Eel by SHIMANTO UNAGI HANBAI CO.,LTD.

This eel is raised in the Shimanto River, which is known as Japan’s last remaining clearwater stream, and fed a special diet that includes okara and aonori seaweed. The eel is fileted, soaked in brine using natural salt from a nearby town, and then grilled to bring out the flavor of the fish. Buy here.


Yohei Tsuji, a sushi master from Kyoto, has spent 50 years perfecting this special sushi vinegar, or “sushi-zu.” It has received widespread acclaim, including from a Michelin-starred chef who uses it regularly due to its optimal and versatile balance of sweetness and saltiness. Buy here.

Miracle Miso by MARUMIKOUJI CO., LTD.

This delicious miso is made using rice from Okayama, soybeans from Okayama and Hokkaido and bay salt produced by Akinori Kimura, who is famous for growing chemical-free “miracle apples.” It is perfect as a condiment, super in soup and great for hot pot. Buy here.


This tasting set from Akashi Medetaiya offers sea bream prepared in three styles – simmered, cooked with rice, and cured with kombu – to demonstrate the varying flavors offered by the fish. Simply microwave to enjoy the luxurious flavors. Buy here.

Garlic chives with soy sauce from Oita, Japan by LogStyle Co., Ltd.

This pantry item was born from a desire to let no part of the garlic chive go to waste. The condiment comes in three different varieties, all featuring chives and soy sauce, and one with a spicy kick. The eye-catching packaging won the top prize in an Oita design contest. Buy here.

Kani Miso Bagna Cauda by Kadonaga Select Co., Ltd. (Kadonaga Seafoods Co., Ltd.)

Red snow crabs from Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture are known for their particularly rich, sweet umami flavor. Their tomalley paste is an acquired taste, but this bagna cauda unlocks its delicious potential. Buy here.

Marmellata Jam Series by NPO South Alps Farm Field Trip

The Marmellata Jam Series embodies the Japanese seasons. Key ingredients inspired by spring, fall and winter are suspended in the subtly flavored spreads. Taste the seasons with flavors that include peach petal, osmanthus petal and gold-leaf yuzu tea. Buy here.

hybrid SPICY NUTS by hybrid Co., Ltd.

In this handmade spicy snack, banana chips, peanuts and raisins come together, enveloped in caramel made from organic sugar. Giant corn is then added and everything is mixed with a seven spice-inspired blend to create a sumptuous sweet, spicy snack. Buy here.

Naraduke (Vegetables pickled in sake lees) by MORINARADUKETEN CO., LTD.

The makers of Naraduke pickles have carefully preserved their recipe through five generations. The oldest recorded form of pickling in Japan, Naraduke artisans pickle Japanese fruit and vegetables in sake lees for 1 to 1.5 years, carefully tending them and adding nothing artificial. Delicious! Buy here.


Hyakuyou-Aojiru is a drink made from okawakame, otherwise known as the Madeira Vine and famed for its high nutritional content. The okawakame used here is grown in Kagoshima and is pesticide-free. The drink is slightly sweet and suitable for daily consumption to help maintain a healthy life. Buy here.


This bottled tea is made by renowned Kyoto tea manufacturer Ujien, and contains a fragrant mix of five varieties of tea leaves. In addition to the rich aroma, deep umami and complex flavor, the tea has a unique fruity taste. Outside of Japan, you can find this tea at just one luxury hotel in Paris. Buy here.

Hachimitsu Days by AKITAYAHONTEN CO., LTD.

Produced by Akitayahonten, Japan’s oldest wholesaler in the beekeeping business, Hachimitsu Days is a sampler set of six honey flavors, all meant to be enjoyed in their own way: with toast, yogurt, coffee, cheese, pancakes and curry. Buy here.

AML Nutri-rich Vegetables by AML Plant Laboratory CO., LTD. 

AML Nutri-rich Vegetables are developed using a unique cultivation technology in a controlled environment. The vegetables are pesticide-free and stay fresh in the fridge for about two weeks. The range includes “Ca-rich lettuce,” which contains the same amount of calcium as milk. Buy here.

Hyakujuro emotion series by Hayashi Honten Co., Ltd.

Acclaimed sake producer Hayashi Honten has created a special “emotion” series for its 100th anniversary, which comes complete with a Japanese sake cup. Enjoy the unique flavors of five varieties made from super-soft, subsoil water from the Nagara River. Buy here.

Kagawa Hontaka “Oni Bikkuri” Chili Pepper Series by Yamasei Co.

This chili pepper series is made from 100% Kagawa Hontaka, a Japan-grown chili pepper characterized by its large size, bright red color, rich umami flavor and strong pungency. The series includes its version of the Japanese shichimi seven-spice mix. Buy here.

Selected Seasoned Domestic Pork Loin Series (Misozuke/Marinade Sauce) by JA ZEN-NOH MEAT FOODS CO.,LTD.

These domestically produced pork loins are seasoned with a variety of miso and sauces that feature the flavors of different regions of Japan. The pork loins are also easy to prepare just by cooking in the frying pan. Buy here.

Horikawa burdock and shrimp cracker by TANIGUCHI Co.,LTD. 

This original shrimp cracker is made using Horikawa burdock, a traditional heirloom vegetable that takes two years to cultivate, as well as other ingredients sourced locally from farmers in Kyoto. The thin crackers are slow-baked, without oil, allowing you to savor the rich flavor of Horikawa burdock. Buy here.

POWERFULUP TEA® by Cyberbeauty Co., LTD.

POWERFULUP TEA® is based on the concept that good health and beauty start from the intestines. It is a blend of six natural ingredients, including Golden Candle from Indonesia to relieve constipation, and Tamba black beans and brown rice from Japan for a savory flavor. Buy here.

Pickled Kikurage (Wood Ear Mushroom) by Kyueifarm Kabushiki Kaisha

Kyueifarm in Oita Prefecture is surrounded by gushing waterfalls and natural streams. The environment nurtures kikurage (wood ear mushrooms) unlike any other. In order to introduce kikurage to the world, the farm has created four supremely tasty types of kikurage pickle. Buy here.

“Kitaki-kaki” Oysters by YUWA FISHERY

Currently managed by three generations of oyster farmers, Yuwa Fishery is located on picturesque Kitagi Island. Traditionally, oysters are a seasonal product, but the farm freezes fresh, plump specimens to share the joy of its oysters all year round. Just thaw and eat! Buy here.

Botchan dango by UTSUBOYA CO., LTD.

Botchan dango is a traditional sweet bean confectionary best savored with green tea, as is done at its birthplace of Dogo Onsen, the oldest hot spring in Japan. The yellow coloring is made without egg and the sweets are carefully cooked to suit the tastes of everyone. Buy here.

cacaosic by Niche Kabushiki Kaisha

The cacaosic series introduces the new texture of a 10-mm layer of chocolate wedged between two Langue de Chat cookies. The chocolate is aerated to soften it, in contrast with the crisp texture of the Hokkaido-flour cookies. Packaging is stylish and eco-friendly. Buy here.

Flavor Terrine by Ristorante Renata

Flavor Terrine is an artisanal sweet made from high-quality Uji matcha. The rich tea fragrance balances beautifully with the sweetness of bamboo cane sugar and buttery Swiss white chocolate. This treat is gluten-free and made without additives. Buy here.

Rich Pudding SOBA+BORN by Night Sweets Bar Salice

This savory pudding is made from buckwheat soba and a local Japanese sake brewed in Fukui Prefecture. Since the alcohol evaporates in the production process, young and old can both enjoy the tasty pudding. Soba seeds are included to sprinkle over the pudding for added texture and aroma. Buy here.

Egawa Mizu Yokan by EGAWA Co.

Confectionary maker Egawa is dedicated to passing down its traditional local delicacy of azuki bean jellies, which are also called mizu yokan. It is made from the finest ingredients, such as brown sugar from Okinawa, is additive-free and just 1.5 cm thick. Only available in winter. Buy here. 

“Kimono” petit cakes with Japanese auspicious patterns by Kyomatoikashi Cacoto

Small-sized, two-bite sponge cakes coated in white chocolate sandwich ingredients like cream, nuts and red bean paste. The owners decided to decorate the cakes with delicate and auspicious patterns, just like the kimono, which they hope to popularize through the cakes. Buy here. 

Kamekudo Yoshino Kudzu Sweets Collection by KAROKUEN Co.

These sets include a selection of sweets made from premium Yoshino kudzu starch. The sweets are sourced traditionally and come in the form of a rare-style kudzu mochi or as a kudzu pudding, and include a matcha flavor. Boxed and wrapped in a traditional furoshiki cloth. Buy here.

KYOEKUBO by Wakou Co.,Ltd.

KYOEKUBO combines white chocolate and slowly roasted flour into a smile-shaped sweet. Enjoy three different Kyoto-inspired flavors: Uji matcha, strawberry and Hoji tea. The crumbling, melting sensation in your mouth is sure to bring a smile to your face. Buy here.

Satsuma-no-yuki freeze dried amazake cubes by SHOJO FARM CO., LTD.

Amazake is a traditional Japanese drink made from fermented rice that Shojo Farm freeze-dries, then makes into bite-sized cubes by adding glutinous rice. The cubes are perfect as a snack or dessert, or as a nutritious pick-me-up during sports and mountain climbing. Buy here.

Japanese Gelato by ASAKURACHOMIRYO Kabushiki Kaisha

This Japanese gelato brings us the traditional taste of fermented foods in the form of a familiar Italian dessert. Produced by a soy sauce and miso manufacturer founded in 1929, the gelato proves how versatile fermented products can be. Experience them in a whole new way! Buy here.

com- Low Carb Minamikaze Pudding by Patisserie Le Vert

This low-carb pudding uses natural ingredients such as sweet potato to create a dessert that has been endorsed by medical experts for its low sugar content, which has been set at 5 grams or less per serving. Those who wish to cut back on sugar can still indulge in a delightful dessert. Buy here.


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Winter 2022 brochure.