We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but also appeal to a global audience. Enjoy our selection of 21 fashion items and two experiences, perfect for gift-giving to a loved one.

MEHOME WEAR stripes smooth pajamas by WATAAKI ORIMONO

These silky pajamas are made from natural fibers and woven to create an ultimate fit that flatters any body type. Produced in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is known for its quality fabrics, the pajamas are entirely Japan-made and environmentally friendly. Sleep in optimal comfort and style. Buy here.

Outdoor Sunglasses Sorge×Re: by ICHIBANBOSHI CO., LTD.

These sunglasses have a frame made of recycled PET bottles and two-way lenses that are both polarized and photochromic, allowing color change and controlled reflection of light. The company donates 1% of its annual revenue to environmental protection groups. Buy here.

18K Gold Cut Ball Jewelry Series by JEWELLERY AIWA CO., LTD.

Jewellery Aiwa has been producing top-of-the-line jewelry since 1967. This series introduces handcrafted pieces that incorporate 18K gold, mirror-cut balls crafted so that they shine like diamonds. It also uses easy fastenings with magnetic closures. Impressively elegant! Buy here.

NOZ timepieces made of natural wood and stone by ALSERU Co., Ltd.

NOZ timepieces are exclusive wooden watches made on pre-order, set with natural stones and stainless steel. The best and most brilliant gems are used, and the carefully polished natural wood makes the watches smooth and lightweight. Since they are made of natural resources, each watch is unique. Buy here.

annieu series by SIGNTY.inc

Created by a hair stylist, these manually twisted ties hold your hair without tangling or damaging it, so are perfect for daily use. The simple yet colorful designs allow the ties to function as a hair accessory or as a casual bracelet, helping you look stylish either way. Buy here.

HOTFAB 3D Mask with strap by FO.P CO., LTD. 

Washable and eco-friendly, this mask is coated in an antimicrobial finish and made of the proprietary HOTFAB material, a fabric that regulates the temperature and humidity inside so you can breathe with ease. Use the strap to keep track of your mask throughout the day. Buy here.

Shikisai by UNION PEARL CO., LTD.

Union Pearl utilizes the beauty and natural colors of pearls to create gorgeous gradation necklaces. Extraordinary care and precision goes into assembling the perfect gradation of color. It is a product that only this company can make, due to its handling of a large volume of pearls. Buy here.

Evoon MULCH BUSINESS RUCK2.0 by Gerbera Co.,Ltd.

This backpack is designed for business, travel and leisure, since it can expand to accommodate an overnight stay and carries a TSA-approved lock. The product features durable materials and artisanal finishings and is the result of the company’s thorough research. Buy here.


These sustainable loafer slippers are made from upcycled tatami and supple eco leather, tanned with vegetable ingredients and stitched with precision. Traditional Japanese tatami is great at absorbing moisture and odor, insulates, retains heat, and is antibacterial and resilient. Feel luxuriously at ease. Buy here.

Double Cloth Colorful Stole by ARCLEAD Kabushiki Kaisha 

This two-in-one stole employs a knitting technique called double cloth that allows you to wear either side as the outer layer, adding diversity and artistry to its usage. The felt-like texture of the stole protects you from the cold and retains warmth, and the pockets add a colorful touch to your wardrobe. Buy here.

dritto 2 by PLOWS Co., Ltd.

The small and slim design of the dritto 2 wallet is perfect in this day and age as it was developed to easily hold multiple cards and cash without occupying too much space. It’s a smart and multipurpose object that holds up to ten bills, fifteen coins, nine cards and one key. Buy here.

Relax Leather Belt by NAGASAWABELT Industry Ltd.

Made out of genuine and durable leather that is expertly selected, the Relax Leather Belt supports the waist whilst stretching to the shape of the body when under pressure, creating a comfort like no other. You might forget you’re even wearing it. Buy here.


This innovative footwear line has a structure that offers flexibility and protection, alongside health benefits assessed by sport experts, such as calorie burning, sole stretching, improved gait and foot health, and enhanced arch support. Support your entire well-being by walking in these. Buy here.

SAIUN by Hajime Co., Ltd.

These soft and colorful sandals have a custom-made feel due to their naturally supple fit, and an outer sole material that is slip-resistant. The sandals are entirely washable and have an adjustable strap that can be replaced with other colors in the line to match your outfit. Buy here.

Refresole by C&K Corp.

Refresole is an insole with a copper plate that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, and a magnetic sole that promotes blood circulation, which helps warm cold feet, loosen stiff shoulders, reduce foot swelling and prevent fatigue. Keep your feet healthy and dry all year round. Buy here.

Yakenu UV protection mask (standard type) by MARUFUKU CO., LTD.

These masks are designed to protect you from UV rays and airborne droplets, prevent shortness of breath and keep your glasses fog-free. The titanium-infused material is Japan-made and cool to the touch, so you can enjoy your daily activities and sports with peace of mind. Buy here.

Hitoe® Fold Less by SYRINX, inc.

The intelligent design of the Hitoe® Fold Less makes it an exceptionally thin wallet of only 7 mm at its thickest point. Compact and light, the leather is skilfully cut, polished, stitched, and glued, with a minimum allowance of seams and layered leather on the corners to protect against damage. Buy here.

Lacquered Paper Accessories AIGRA -nuri- by UNIFORM-NET Co., Ltd.

These paper earrings are made using pulp residue and lacquer technology, and combine patterns of Aizu-gata traditional paper stenciling, which is a method of dyeing kimono fabric, and Aizu lacquerware. The company supports the local community through these eco-friendly pieces. Buy here.

Business Tote Bag by CARRIRARE CO., LTD.

Look professional without compromising functionality when using this tote bag designed with a total of 14 pockets. Customizable to attach things like keys, alcohol gels, and more, this tote comes in multiple colors and two designs. Buy here.

Relaxing Hat Wig by PRISILA CO.,LTD.

These stress-free wigs were developed with heat-resistant fiber made to look like human hair. The elastic cap is adjustable to your head and the crown section is made from synthetic skin, so it feels and looks natural. They are gentle on your scalp and on your wallet. Buy here.

Arenca by SUGINO CO., LTD.

Arenca is a handmade hair accessory inspired by those worn with kimono. Made of multiple components, the pieces can be mixed and matched to wear with casual yukata or formal furisode. When placed in a ceramic vase, they can also be enjoyed as a bouquet for your home. Buy here.

Nihon Kindai Reiho (Japanese Etiquette for Modern Times) by Nihon Kindai Reiho

Learn the art of Japanese etiquette from the experts. With lessons ranging from how to host tea ceremonies, through to corporate training, you too can master the Japanese art of courtesy and manners. Hands-on training even teaches the origins behind each mannerism. Buy here.

Ebisuya Guest House by KAKURINSHOUJA Kabushiki Kaisha

Located in a Buddhist enclave on Yamanashi Prefecture’s Mount Mino, this guesthouse has been beautifully restored to feature a unique blend of traditional architecture and contemporary art. Hot springs, a Japanese garden and various activities are available. Buy here.


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Winter 2022 brochure.