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Folk House Restaurant Fujimatsu

A sublime Japanese multi-course haute cuisine

By Camilla Chandra

If you’re digging for a refined dining experience among the historical relics of Ojika Island, Fujimatsu is the place to be. Once featured in the Micheline Guide, the restaurant is situated inside a kominka (Japanese folk house) once resided by the Fujimatsu family — whalers, sake brewers and one of the richest households that built Ojika Island’s economy. The seating is Japanese-style, and with private rooms, you can expect truly sublime and intimate dining not short of well-crafted cuisine. As you step through the stunning 170-year-old house and into the backyard, the lavish view of Nozaki Island lays bare. They offer several elegant multi-course menus using fresh seasonal fish and vegetables from local farmers and fishermen. A beautiful sashimi platter, wholesome kamameshi (rice dish), and turban shell (when it’s on season) await even simple dishes are elevated, meticulously prepared and artfully served. The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner, but reservations must be made at least a week before to ensure the highest quality. 

Address:  3694 Maegatago, Ojika, Kitamatsuura Bezirk, Nagasaki


Tel: 0959-56-2646

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