Japan is known internationally for its exceptional craftsmanship and hospitality, as well as its rich history. The concepts of monozukuri (meticulous craftsmanship) and omotenashi (selfless, mindful hospitality) aren’t only experienced in traditional crafts and tea ceremonies — they can be felt in everyday products and experiences as well. From unbelievably tasty prepare-at-home soups to intricate textiles, from a course that teaches ancient ninja secrets to one that instructs the artistry of sushi making, each offering in this list provides a portal to Japan’s rich heritage in a different, delightful and sometimes surprising way.

Tomato Beauté: Enjoy Nourishing Convenience

Nature Supplement Kagome Tomato Beauty is a tomato-based beverage co-developed by Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. with Kagome, Japan’s leading food company. Embracing the tomato aroma Kagome is known for — sweet, and reminiscent of strawberries — this drink contains high-lycopene tomatoes, offering three to five times more lycopene than standard varieties. Enhanced with high-polyphenol apple juice for added nutritional value, it caters to a variety of tastes. Enjoy it to unwind after a day of work or as a morning refreshment. Additionally, it can be gently warmed with olive oil for a delightful tomato soup alternative.

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Picture Tenugui: Try Out Traditional Interior Design

Tenugui are traditional Japanese towels with a multitude of uses; you may see them being used around the house, wrapped around someone’s head, or as a charming decoration. Case Corporation’s picture tenugui are perfect for this last purpose. Their colorful, hand-dyed towels celebrate Japan’s four seasons, brought to life through the traditional Nassen dyeing technique. Originating from Yokohama — a historic hub of international trade since 1859 — these tenugui embody the rich cultural heritage of Yokohama’s dyeing and printing industries. 

The intricate dyeing process evolved from ancient woodblocks to modern paper stencils, culminating in a screen-printing technique that rivals the luxury silk scarves of Italy’s Como region. Each picture tenugui is a work of art, created by skilled artisans who hand-apply dozens of colors and stencils to the unique Wakaba cotton fabric. With over 3,000 designs to choose from, these tenugui are perfect for framing, allowing you to bring the beauty and seasonal landscapes of Japan into your home.

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Ninja Karakuri Seminar: Unlock Ancient Ninja Wisdom

Step into the world of the ninja and master modern challenges with the Ninja Karakuri Seminar by Elder Tanaka & Associates, Inc. This seminar reveals the secrets of ninja survival techniques through six core elements, offering a unique blend of history, physical training and mindfulness.

The journey begins with a lecture on the ninja’s history and mission, setting the stage for the practical skills to come. Participants then dive into the Kuji self-defense method, a technique used to stay calm and composed under pressure. The seminar continues with Ninja Walking, a physical training that enhances health and balance. But it’s not just about the body — communication techniques used by ninja, who were known to be skilled information-gatherers, will enrich your interpersonal skills. The spiritual aspect of the seminar explores the kanji character for shinobi, complete with a calligraphy session.

Finally, you’ll learn ninja breathing techniques and practice mindfulness meditation — useful tools for relaxation and mental clarity. This unique experience not only strengthens your mind and body but also equips you with valuable skills for everyday life.

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Studio Sushi: Master One of Japan’s Culinary Arts

Dive into the world of sushi with Studio Sushi, a fusion of entertainment and education targeted at visitors to Japan. Led by seasoned sushi masters, you’ll roll up your sleeves and compete in a friendly sushi-making showdown. Over the course of the lesson, participants will create five classic nigiri sushi, one maki roll, a seasonal specialty nigiri and a chirashi sushi bowl — all while sipping on refreshing Japanese green tea.

There are also quizzes and challenges sprinkled throughout the session, guaranteeing non-stop fun. Also, as a proud Studio Sushi graduate, you’ll walk away with a completion certificate and insider access to an exclusive page containing all the sushi recipes you prepared during the event. But perhaps the greatest takeaway is the newfound understanding of Japan’s most famous dish. Studio Sushi isn’t just about making sushi; it’s about savoring the essence of Japanese culture, one bite at a time.

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