Japan’s hydrangea season is officially underway. The popular flower, known as ajisai in Japanese, has a rich history in this county and was mentioned in written records here as far back as the eighth century. European varieties were then introduced in the early 20th century. They usually bloom during the rainy season in June or July, though, due to differences of climate and soil, dates vary from region to region. The weather news channel recently updated its annual hydrangea forecast for the year. This, though, is only a guideline. Blooming dates may change due to changes in weather.

Already Blooming in Tokyo

Hydrangeas started blooming in many regions of the country at the end of May, including all prefectures in Kyushu, parts of Shikoku and several prefectures in Kansai, including Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. They also started blooming in Tokyo last week. The colorful flowers began to bloom in several regions throughout Japan on Monday, such as Yokohama, Nagoya, Kanazawa and Shizuoka.  

Heading North, people in Tohoku can start viewing Hydrangeas from the middle of June, except for in Aomori, where they are due to start blooming at the start of July. They are also predicted to begin blooming in Hokkaido the same month, though dates vary depending on the area. Wakkanai, in Soya Subprefecture Hokkaido, won’t see hydrangeas until July 29, according to the forecast. 

Blooming Earlier than Usual  

Hydrangeas are starting to bloom slightly earlier than average this year. In Tokyo, for instance, they usually start flowering in the first week of June. Places like Yokohama , Nagoya and Shizuoka are usually around a week later . Last year, they didn’t reach several parts of Hokkaido until August.  

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