Summer in Tokyo is full of festivities, from matsuri at temples to firework festivals, and there’s no better way to get the full experience than wearing a yukata, a traditional Japanese garment. A yukata is more casual and comfortable than a kimono, and is generally worn during the hotter months. Most kimono rental shops also have plenty of yukata to choose from, and rental plans come with a fitting and hairstyling (sometimes at an extra cost). Check out the following rental stores that will get you fitted in a yukata and help you get ready to explore Tokyo, whether it’s to go to a festival or stroll the streets in style.

Kimono Rental Vasara

Vasara is Japan’s largest kimono rental shop, with nine locations in Tokyo, three of which are in Asakusa. They also have locations in bustling areas like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara, so you can get into a yukata in the location that’s most convenient for you. Vasara accepts reservations online with English support. It also has a variety of plans to choose from, with yukata rental options starting at ¥3,630.

Location Kimono Rental Vasara
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yukata rental guide tokyo

Yae Kimono Rental Asakusa

If you’re looking to do a photo shoot in Asakusa, Yae might be for you, with specialties in high-quality hairstyling and photography. You can reserve a photo shoot along with your yukata styling to take pictures in the streets of Asakusa, or even request a rickshaw service to come and pick you up directly from the shop to get the full Edo period experience.

Location Yae Kimono Rental Asakusa
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Kimono Rental Aki

Aki is a kimono rental shop with four convenient locations in Shibuya, Ginza, Ikebukuro and Yokohama. It has photo shoot plans that come with full English support and a transportation service to get you to your location of choice. It has everything from a casual one-day rental to wedding shoot plans.

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Asakusa Kimono Rental Daikichi

If you want to rent a yukata on a budget, Daikichi in Asakusa might be your best bet. With yukata rental plans starting as low as ¥1,880, it’s a kimono rental shop that’s kind to your wallet. It also has photo shoot plans for couples, and offers English support.

Location Asakusa Kimono Rental Daikichi
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yukata rental guide tokyo

Mode Marie

Only a few minutes on foot from Gotanda station, Mode Marie is a bridal rental shop that also has a wide range of Japanese traditional clothes, including yukata. Mode Marie is perfect for guests who want to rent a high-quality yukata and enjoy a luxurious styling experience. It also offers photo shoots and plans for couples if you want to get dressed up with your special someone.

Location Mode Marie
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Kimono Rental Wargo

Wargo is a kimono rental shop that is popular in Kyoto, but the company also has a Tokyo location in Asakusa. It’s known for its wide range of cute kimono selections, including “retro modern kimono” and “couple antique kimono” plans. The yukata plan, available from mid-May to late September, starts as low as ¥3,300, though there are higher quality options that will cost you more.

Location Kimono Rental Wargo
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yukata rental guide tokyo

Birei Kimono & Culture

Birei is a kimono rental shop in Asakusa that has high-quality silk kimono and immersive experiences such as origami and calligraphy plans. The yukata plan is available from May to September. There is also a rickshaw plan, so you can be picked up directly from the shop and be taken to Tokyo Skytree and Kaminarimon while looking the part.

Location Birei Kimono and Culture
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