Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest free standing tower was finally completed today–two months late.

The tower which will be used for digital broadcasting and as a tourist attraction was due to be completed in December 2011 but was delayed due to the March 11 earthquake.

Standing at 634 meters, the new landmark will replace the aging icon Tokyo Tower as the city’s main broadcasting platform.

Constructed in the long neglected east of the city, near the historic Asakusa district, the development cost 65 billion yen for the tower alone. The area surrounding the tower dubbed ‘Sky Tree Town’, will also be developed with the addition of new office buildings and an upgraded subway line.

A new university is now being planned to be opened near the Sky Tree with the aim bringing more young people into the oldest part of Tokyo.

Tokyo Sky Tree will officially open to the public on May 22, 2012.

Tickets for the Sky Tree viewing platform are available for reservation on the official site: