Could you be one of the artists behind Studio Ghibli’s next animation hit? This may be your chance to make your mark in the Japanese animation industry!

After numerous attempts at retirement, Hayao Miyazaki broke the news earlier this year that he would return to filmmaking. His latest project is rumored to be a feature-length film, but beyond that no one outside Studio Ghibli knows what it may be about. What we do know, is that it’s good enough for him to come out of retirement (again) and, more importantly, be on the search for new talent – regardless of nationality.

Studio Ghibli published a post on their website on Friday, May 19 announcing they were hiring new employees to start work there this coming October, on a contract basis, for three years.

There are two positions to be filled, one in background art and one in inbetweening. (Inbetweening is an important process in animation and involves the addition of illustrations between key frames to create the illusion of movement, offering a smooth transition from one key frame to the next.) Applications are accepted until July 20 and to be eligible, the requirements are simply to be aged 18 or over. Gender and nationality are of no importance, though non-natives should be able to communicate well in Japanese. Those already working in the industry may also apply, but with certain conditions.

Soranews 24 has a good summary in English on the application procedure, but head to the Studio Ghibli official site for all the details and to download the materials needed to apply.