Head west of Shinjuku, leaving the skyscrapers of Tokyo behind to the former samurai enclave of Hino, where the memory of native son Hijikata Toshizo, the final leader of Kyoto’s protectorates the Shinsengumi, still holds strong. Here you will find the quaint Mogusaen Gardens. The thatched-roof house of the once private garden still remains, and the harmonizing Japanese gardens – most famous for plum blossoms – are a sight to behold year-round. Enjoy the gardens’ fall foliage festival this weekend, plus 18 other harmonious events happening in Tokyo.

Momiji Festival at Keio Mogusaen Gardens

Experience traditional autumn leaf viewing in the beautiful gardens of Keio Mogusaen. Visitors to the traditional Japanese gardens can enjoy an array of special events during the period including evening illuminations, musical performances and tea ceremonies.

53rd Annual Hino Sangyo Festival

Taking place in and around the Shimin-no-Mori Fureai Hall in Hino in west Tokyo, this seasonal fall event focuses on connecting people with local industry within the atmosphere of a country fair.

Tokyo Park & Gardens Autumn Leaf Stamp Rally

As peak ‘leaf viewing’ season returns so does the Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens seasonal stamp rally. From early November to early December visitors to selected parks (including Rikugien, pictured) can collect stamps at each venue to apply for special prizes.

Just Stood There

This show presents a new collection of Tokyo-based photographer Benjamin Beech’s work (read more about Beech’s stunning photography here). It is made up of images taken over the past seven years, mainly in Japan, but also in China and Korea, exploring forgotten homes, abandoned towns and failed bubble-era projects.

Lost in a Moment © MAD DOG JONES


For one more week, Diesel Art Gallery presents “AFTERL-IFE WORLD” – the world premiere exhibition of Toronto-based artist Mad Dog Jones. Check out our exclusive interview with the Toronto-based artist who deftly weaves cyberpunk elements with the beauty and freedom of nature.

Artless Gallery x Walls Tokyo

Showcasing art from artists all across the world, Walls Tokyo brings a unique collection of works by esteemed painter Minoru Inoueto to Artless Gallery.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen holds its annual Chrysanthemum Exhibition every year in autumn. During the exhibition period, spectacular flowerbeds of colorful blooms are housed under protective covers for visitors to enjoy and photograph at their leisure.

《After sowing seeds》 / 100.0 × 80.3 cm /oil on panel / 2019

Asa Hiramatsu “Mapping My Seeds”

Loko Gallery presents Asa Hiramatsu’s solo exhibition, Mapping My Seeds. Using oil paints with precision, Hiramatsu has a minimalistic style focusing on isolationism of certain parts of the earth, a cloud, a lake, a stick, each piece a different stop on this map Hiramatsu has created.

Imperial Hotel “Finland Fair”

The Imperial Hotel, in celebrating 100 years of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan, welcomes Timo Ruosteoja, chef of the prestigious Hotel Kamp in Helsinki, to host a “Finland Fair” serving Finnish cuisine at the buffet restaurant Imperial Viking Sal and traditional restaurant La Brasserie.

Josiah Hawley

Josiah Hawley Single Release Party

Postponed due to Typhoon Hagibis, American Pop singer and The Voice reality star Josiah Hawley celebrates the release of his first single, Gonna Let You Go, with a warehouse party in Komae.

Hanayashiki Yatai Village

Satisfy your tastebuds as well as your appetite for fun at Tokyo’s oldest amusement park. Enjoy food trucks offering grilled meat, tasty curry, cute desserts, sake and more as well as a variety of free live entertainment.

Nerd Nite #38: Risk & Reward

Every month Nerd Nite gathers three smart speakers and a curious crowd. As Japan prepares to open its first large casino complexes, an expert on the American tribal gaming industry will explain how it all works. A breast cancer survivor makes a personal pilgrimage on Japan’s famous sacred trail and a Nerd Nite veteran returns with news from the frontier of AI and deep tech.

Shiojiri Grand Wine Party Tokyo 2019

For one day, the city of Shiojiri – the oldest wine-producing region in Nagano Prefecture – brings some of the best bottles it offers to the historic Gajoen Hotel in Meguro. Just ¥5,000 allows you to taste test 66 different wines, with the option to sip on 23 premium wines for a little extra.

Gordon Bell / Shutterstock.com

Christmas Boutique and Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop

Looking for unique or Japanese-style gifts for Christmas? Join the Franciscan Chapel Center as they kick off the holiday season with their annual Christmas boutique and bake sale.

Teratotera Festival

During the three-day festival, nine artists will produce installations, performances and video works held in 10 locations, including local vacant properties in the area around Mitaka Station. This year’s theme explores “barriers of the freedom of choice.”

UENOYES 2019 – ‘Floating Nomad’

This inclusive art event transforms the open space of Ueno Park into a place of interaction, learning and discovery. Centering around the theme, Floating Nomad, the international art event includes installations, workshops, fashion shows, exhibitions and more.

Y Photo Studio / Shutterstock.com

Cheese Festa

Cheese lovers rejoice and unite at Cheese Festa 2019, which brings cooking demonstrations, talk shows, tastings and more for anyone who can’t get enough of the creamy, crumbly, firm, or melted good stuff.

Arashi Exhibition ‘Journey’

A large scale national touring exhibition looks back at the 20-year career of the Japan’s favorite boy band, Arashi, who will be disbanding at the end of 2020. The exhibition documents the group’s prolific career.

Noritake + propellaheart

The concept is simple – even in an urban environment flowers can bloom. Noritake has teamed up with propellaheart in order to create this year’s unique Christmas display at the Odakyu Southern Tower.

Feature photo of Mogusaen Gardens by Top Photo Corporation / Shutterstock.com