In the current world of hybrid work models, there are days when you need to put your head down and work, and the office or your home won’t cut it. For those in need of a change of scenery, plus some good coffee and free Wi-Fi to get down to business, here’s a list of great cafes in Tokyo. 

Note: Not all cafes with Wi-Fi have plugs. They may have a two-hour seating limit if they’re busy, usually during lunch and dinner hours. Make sure to be fully charged and plan ahead.

best cafes in tokyo with wifi

Mercedes Me Tokyo / Downstairs Coffee

Downstairs Coffee is a cafe that is adjacent to the Mercedes showroom in Roppongi, and it’s the ideal concept cafe for luxury car lovers. Even if you’re not a big car person, it has genuinely great coffee and is spacious with plenty of natural sunlight.

Location Mercedes Me Tokyo / Downstairs Coffee
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Freeman Cafe

Freeman Cafe, conveniently located in Shibuya, is a great place to stop in between walking around and shopping in the area. It is spacious, simple but stylish, and has proper meals as well if you’re feeling hungry. With lovely tea and lassi selections as well as coffee, it’s a solid place to get some work done.

Location Freeman Cafe
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As the name suggests, Caffice is short for “cafe” and “office,” and it was purposefully designed to be a space for productivity and relaxation. There are outlets at every seat. Also, it’s next to the bustling Shinjuku Station, so the convenience is unmatched. The cafe also has meals and even wine and beer selections for your after work wind-down.

Location Caffice
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best cafes in tokyo with wifi

Alpha Beta Coffee Club Jiyugaoka

Alpha Beta Coffee has a few locations, two of which are in Jiyugaoka. With its own roasted beans, it serves great coffee in a clean, minimalistic setting for prime focus time. It changes coffee selections each month, so you can frequent the locations and still try something new.

Location Alpha Beta Coffee Club Jiyugaoka
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Mori no Tosyo Shitsu

Mori no Tosyo Shitsu is like a “forest library.” Located in Shibuya, it encourages working and chatting, so it’s a perfect spot to bring friends and get some work done together. It has a pay-by-the-hour (or day) system, with food, drinks, outlets and, of course, books.

Location Mori no Tosyo Shitsu
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best cafes in tokyo with wifi

Verve Coffee Roasters Ebisu

Verve Coffee Roasters is a coffee roastery based in Santa Cruz, but it has expanded globally, with four locations in Tokyo. It has a wide range of smooth, robust coffees that’s a big step up from other chain cafes. The location in Ebisu is inside the Yebisu Garden Center Plaza, with wooden furnishings and plenty of outside seating to sit in during the warmer months. It is open from 7 a.m.

Location Verve Coffee Roasters Ebisu
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best cafes in tokyo with wifi

Sarutahiko Coffee Shimokitazawa

Sarutahiko is a chain coffee shop with 16 locations in Tokyo, one of which is in Shimokitazawa. It is a cozy location with cushy sofa seating and lots of greenery, as well as a mini terrace. If you want to check out more spacious locations, the Harajuku or Ikebukuro Sarutahiko Coffee shops have lots of seating. Sarutahiko has its own coffee on rotation, so you can enjoy new, robust brews year-round.

Location Sarutahiko Coffee Shimokitazawa
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