Best cafes to visit in Omotesando, Tokyo

1. Lattest

Overseas fans of Lattest may have first come into contact with the café through Netflix’s Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City, but the café itself stands on its own independently and against the ebb and flow of café trends. Its origins date back to February 2012. The aim was to train and empower a generation of female baristas. There are four outposts in total, with its Omotesando branch being the most recognizable one for coffee connoisseurs and digital nomads alike. Off the menu, the latte is the clear no-brainer with hazelnut, charcoal and even turmeric varieties available. And if you’re feeling indulgent, go the whole gamut and make it a Lattest signature affogato instead.

For more info on Lattest check out its website.

2. Lohasbeans Coffee

For beans brewed on the slightly lighter side, Lohasbeans Coffee has you covered. Here coffee is done in almost every way imaginable, from hand drip to cortado and cold brew to caramel latte. Go with the flow of the menu or inquire further with the store’s discerning baristas about what beans are available on the day. The savory menu is short but sufficient with lighter fare such as the millennial favorite avocado toast and a classic green salad. Regulars rarely pass up the chance for the café’s rendition of a tomato and shrimp risotto or a hearty loco moco. Dessert changes daily but the crowd-pleasing mont blanc is a mainstay in the display cabinet.

For more info on Lohasbeans Coffee, check out its website.

Best cafes to visit in Omotesando, Tokyo

3. Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee

Comfort food can be hard to come by in Japan, but we know one place that hits the spot every time. Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee is a café that celebrates small-town America and the magic of a family recipe passed down for generations. Off the regular menu, you can’t look past the Dutch crumble with its textured top and brown sugar, apple and bourbon innards. For something with a bit more finesse, opt for the French d’Amandes, a pie filled with almond cream, cinnamon apple and a crispy top. Many take advantage of the seasonal specialties. Currently, the autumn menu features pomegranate and persimmon juice, pumpkin and bacon quiche as well as a white chocolate and strawberry Christmas apple pie.

Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee has several other locations in Tokyo. For more information, check out the official website.

Best cafes to visit in Omotesando, Tokyo

4. The Matcha Tokyo Omotesando

Coffee isn’t the only way to get a kick. Enter The Matcha Tokyo, a slew of matcha-themed cafés that combine the quality and tradition of Japanese green tea with modern recipes. Each outlet typically offers three varieties of matcha: Japan premium, Kyoto Uji and Tokyo rich. All promise a delicate froth and smooth palette. Enjoy it as it is in pure matcha form with no sugar or milk, or opt for something with a zing, like the matcha lemonade. Depending on the season, there are also snacks available like matcha cookies, dorayaki and waffles. And if you need more matcha, there is an online store.

Check out The Matcha Tokyo Omotesando website.

Best cafes to visit in Omotesando, Tokyo

5. Ralph’s Coffee

If you’re already in town for some classic all-American fashion, you might as well take a seat at Ralph’s Coffee, Ralph Lauren’s very own café in Omotesando. Coffees here range from Ralph’s roast blend to Ralph’s espresso and a decaf option for those abstaining. But the real magic of this café is the signature four-tiered chocolate cake. Enjoy it alongside a raspberry herbal tea or classic lemonade and that’s your perfect afternoon sorted. Super fans can also pick up some Ralph’s Coffee merchandise in the form of tote bags, T-shirts and mugs, all in the same vintage varsity white and green color scheme.

6. Chop Coffee Cat Street

The name “Chop Coffee” has two potential meanings. On the one hand, it could refer to the sound of a Nakiri knife, the team’s tool of choice for grinding beans in the absence of a quality grinder. On the other, it may allude to the kind of stamps and seals used in the printing process, a nod to Chop Coffee’s designer origins. Regardless of which story you vibe with, the espresso here is universally considered great.

For those who need something a little stronger, you can even opt for an alcoholic kick with the café’s espresso and rum. Food takes the form of small and sweet bites, such as the Chop blueberry cookies or the Chop hanko chocolate bar. You can also grab a seat on one of the stools and munch down a hot dog or an acai bowl topped with homemade granola and almond butter.

For more info, check out Chop Coffee Cat Street’s website.

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