It’s been a couple of years since we last heard about anything regarding the live action film adaptation of our favorite low-key superhero, One-Punch Man. This week, some news just dropped which suggests that the production of this hotly anticipated film is moving along quicker than originally thought.

Updates From Hollywood

Back in 2020, Columbia Pictures, a film production company under Sony Pictures Entertainment, first revealed that a live-action film adaptation of One-Punch Man was already in development. While there was no news on who would be playing the titular character or any of his allies and foes, the studio was able to confirm that Scott Rosenberg (Kangaroo Jack, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) and Jeff Pinkner (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Venom) had signed on as writers. Avi Arad, founder of Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, was named as a producer. 

The next update came two years later, in 2022, when Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Space Jam: A New Legacy) was announced as co-producer and director. The film was also set to fully enter into production that same year. This week, an update from The Hollywood Reporter informed us that Dan Harmon and Heather Anne Campbell of Rick and Morty fame have been hired to rewrite the script.

It’s unclear if the previously announced writers are no longer part of the project or if this means additional production delays due to the aforementioned rewrite. However, since it’s been two years since the last piece of news was shared, we’re grateful that this project hasn’t been forgotten about and that a real-life Saitama will see the light of day, hopefully quite soon. 

About One-Punch Man

Originally a 2009 webcomic by manga artist One, One-Punch Man is now a media franchise with a fully fleshed out manga series, anime and video games. The story revolves around Saitama, an uncanny hero strong enough to defeat any enemy with a single punch, and the way he deals with everyday problems, plus the boredom he faces due to his unmatched strength. While the series does have its epic moments, it’s largely regarded as a parody of the typical shonen battle manga. Saitama’s appearance (bald and plain), personality (bland) and overall tepid approach towards fighting is in sharp contrast to most anime protagonists.

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