Fate/Grand Order fans can style out like a true gacha gamer with a new collaboration between the hit mobile game and the Japanese brand, Eyemirror.

The glasses are inspired by Mash Kyrielight, a character from the game who also wears spectacles. Called the “Mash Kyrielight (shielder)” model, it differs from a previously released pair of Mash Kyrielight glasses as this new pair reproduces the shape of the glasses worn by the character herself. 

fate/grand order glasses

Fate/Grand Details Hidden in the Design

At first glance, you might mistake it for a simple pair of black-framed glasses, but the hinges are actually shaped like the necktie worn by Mash Kyrielight. When the glasses are folded, this tie design can be seen clearly. The overall frame is made from a combination of highly elastic beta titanium and lightweight titanium, adding comfort and functionality to the design. 

While the look is quite subtle, you can show off your Fate flare with the exclusive glasses’ cloth and case. The former bears an illustration of Mash Kyrielight while the latter shows the Fate/Grand Order logo.

Where to Buy

Want to enhance your eyesight while looking good? These glasses currently retail for ¥15,400. You can buy a pair from the Eyemirror online shop. Trying it out in person is also possible at the Eyemirror stores in Tokyo (Ikebukuro) and Osaka (Nipponbashi). Additionally, ans can visit the sister store, Animegane, located in Akihabara.

What is Fate/Grand Order?

Fate/Grand Order or FGO is a mobile role-playing game developed by Type-Moon. The game first launched in July 2015 as part of the “Fate” series that also includes the globally successful Fate/Stay Night. Set in a dystopian fantasy world, players take the role of a “Master” and travel back in time with characters called “Servants.”

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