Are you tired of darting between sheltered buildings every time it rains? Tsuyu — the rainy season — is here, and we’ve got some fantastic rain gear recommendations that will transform your rainy-day dread into excitement. From innovative umbrellas to quirky rain ponchos and comfy rain boots, we’ve curated a collection sure to keep you dry in style.

Waterfront Umbrellas

It was a wet and windy night as I exited Shibuya Station. Amid the bustling crowd, I opened my see-through conbini umbrella and set off to meet a friend for dinner. All was well until a huge gust of wind swept through the busy streets, flipping my umbrella inside out and breaking its flimsy metal frame. Conbini umbrellas don’t always hold up, and the proof is the sheer number of broken umbrellas that line the streets on garbage day after a storm. 

But there’s no need to worry, as Japan makes top-quality umbrellas. The popular Waterfront brand offers affordable umbrellas perfect for the tsuyu season. Out of Waterfront’s extensive range, my favorite is the Zentenkou line. 

The all-weather Zentenkou umbrella features UV, water, wind and heat resistance, making it ideal for any weather condition. It comes in two length options; the small folding umbrella weighs just 270 grams, making it lightweight enough to fit in your bag or back pocket. If you visit Tokyo during tsuyu, stop by Don Quijote, Bic Camera or the Waterfront flagship store in Jiyugaoka to pick up a Waterfront umbrella. 

Kiu Rain Poncho

In 2019, I attended the iconic Fuji Rock Festival, where I embraced every moment of the experience, from camping alongside thousands of others to dancing in the rain to enduring long bathroom lines. Unfortunately, when a massive typhoon hit on the second night, I found myself packing up camp and leaving two days earlier than planned. 

While I wouldn’t change the experience for the world, a better raincoat would have allowed me to dance in the rain for longer without feeling soaked to the bone. Enter Kiu, a Japanese brand offering stylish and functional rain gear that can withstand Fuji Rock weather. 

Japan’s rain gear quality is impressive, not to mention crucial considering how much cycling is a way of life. Good waterproof gear is essential — but so is style. Kiu’s newest rain ponchos not only capture the vibrant colors associated with festivals but also provide cyclists with room to keep their backpacks dry when traveling in rainy weather. As festival season approaches, dive into the groove by mixing and matching these stylish pieces alongside family members. A fun — and dry — time is guaranteed. 

Aigle Rain Boots

Aigle’s lightweight rain boots are sophisticated enough for a day in town and practical enough for your next fruit-picking adventure. I know that rain boots, before being broken in, can leave the backs of your heels in blisters, but after having walked over 10,000 steps in Aigle’s rain boots, I can assure you that you won’t be left with an ounce of discomfort. 

The cushioned interior supports your arches and provides a stability you rarely find in rain boots. Yet, despite their sturdy construction, these boots are incredibly lightweight, making it very easy to walk. Their excellent grip meant I didn’t slip once on wet pavement, even during the heaviest downpour. Whether you’re navigating slick city streets or muddy paddocks, these features make them the perfect choice for a rainy day. 

As someone who usually sticks to sneakers, I’ve found Aigle to be a game changer. Now, I have a pair of boots I can wear confidently in the rain, knowing my feet will stay both comfortable and fashionable this tsuyu. 

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